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Rozen Maiden Hanichigo by victortky Rozen Maiden Hanichigo by victortky

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Plot summary of Rozen Maiden

Jun Sakurada is a Junior High School student who refuses to go to school after being traumatized by an embarrassing experience there (see Hikikomori). He has taken to locking himself in his room, never leaving the house, and spends the day ordering goods online and returning them before the date in which he has to pay. His older sister, Nori Sakurada, does everything she can to brighten Jun's dreary existence, but is unable to change his situation.

One day, Jun receives a letter claiming he has won a prize. The letter asks him to choose "Yes" or "No". It states that after he has made his decision, he must place the letter in the drawer of his desk, and Holie will take it to the spirit world. Despite his skepticism, he follows these instructions, and discovers soon after that the envelope has vanished. Moments later, he realizes that a richly detailed wood case has materialized within his room. The box contains a strange realistic doll dressed in French aristocratic (synonymous with Gothic Lolita) attire. Jun examines the doll from every angle before seeing the key and winding up the doll. The doll creaks, stands up on its own, then proceeds to slap him for handling her as crudely as he had. She introduces herself as, "...Shinku, the fifth doll of the Rozen Maiden."

Shinku is a doll from the unique "Rozen Maiden" collection, and before Jun can fully comprehend the weight of his new situation, a stuffed clown (bear in the manga) plush doll attacks. Shinku promises that she will save Jun's life, but only if he will vow to serve her. Thus, Jun becomes entrusted with the responsibility of protecting Shinku's "Rosa Mystica" whilst she is engaged in a centuries old fight with the other Rozen Maiden dolls for the title of "Alice."

The "Rozen Maidens" are a collection of dolls created by a craftsman named Rozen, whom the dolls refer to as "Father". Their primary source of power is a human host (referred to as a "medium") who wears a ring to symbolize his bond with the doll, although certain dolls have been shown to act without a medium. According to Shinku, she can only be at full power when her medium is present. Each Rozen Maiden has her own distinct personality and guardian spirit.

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Here is the photo I have taken at my friend Nigel Loh's (aka :icongunsndolls: ) house on 3/9/2009 of his collection of Pullip Rozen Maiden Dolls. Have to love each and every one of them, they are so beautiful and unique in their own right. I love their eyes and the unique costume each of them has.

Pictured here is Hinaichigo the sixth doll, aka Strawberry shortcake or the pink strawberry loving doll. Love her childish antics and her ability to use strawberry vines to restrain her enemies.

Background Information of Hanichigo

Hinaichigo (雛苺, Hinaichigo?, Kleine Beere, Strawberry Doll)

Hinaichigo, the sixth Rozen Maiden doll.Voiced by: Sakura Nogawa (Japanese), Sherry Lynn (English), Tomoko Kaneda (early drama CD)

The sixth doll, and the very embodiment of childishness. Although she can be ridiculously naïve and selfish, she has nothing but the best intentions for those that she cares about. Her disposition is also a mismatch for her power, which is a series of attacks based on strawberry vines, which she mostly uses to restrain opponents. She loses to Shinku in the Alice Game, becoming the first doll to lose the right to become Alice. Shinku does not beat Hinaichigo outright; the younger doll simply exhausted the energy of her medium, Tomoe, and she becames, in Shinku's opinion, another servant. Shinku then warned Hinaichigo that continuing the fight would kill Tomoe, whereupon Hinaichigo renounced the tie that made Tomoe her medium. Despite being the victor, Shinku does not take Hinaichigo's Rosa Mystica. Instead, Shinku lets herself be an inter-medium so that Hinaichigo can tap into Jun's energy. In the latter half of Rozen Maiden träumend, with the Alice Game apparently having begun in earnest, "Father" cuts off this link, so when Hinaichigo uses up what little energy she has, she loses her Rosa Mystica to Shinku. She is the second doll to lose her Rosa Mystica.

In the manga, Hinaichigo is taken from Jun after Odille Fosset, granddaughter of a previous owner of Hinaichigo, arrives at the Sakurada home and displays a ring, thought to be from Hinaichigo, on her finger. Though Jun tells Hinaichigo that she may choose who she wishes to stay with, Hinaichigo apparently does not consciously decide to go with Odille; after awakening from sleep, Hinaichigo is confused to find herself in Odille's room, which she recognizes as that of Odille's grandmother, Corinne. Shortly afterwards, Hinaichigo is ruthlessly destroyed by Kirakishou; after being shown a montage of her loved ones saying goodbye to her and made to feel unloved and alone, Hinaichigo is consumed from the inside out by Kirakishou's rose vines as the seventh doll watches in gleeful anticipation of taking control of her sister's body. Hinaichigo sends her Rosa Mystica to Shinku through Berrybell, her artificial spirit, asking Shinku to use the Rosa Mystica to end the Alice Game. Shinku commends Hinaichigo for her courage to face Kirakishou despite her disadvantage, considering Hinaichigo as a true Rozen Maiden.

Hinaichigo's favorite foods are strawberry daifuku, and Nori's "Hanamaru Hamburger," which is a hamburger patty topped with a fried egg in the shape of a flower. She adores the puppet detective Kun Kun, though her fandom is not as avid as Shinku's. She also loves to draw, as shown often in both seasons of the anime and the OVA. She usually ends her sentences in "na no" (meaning "that's why" or "because" in Japanese), complimentary to Kanaria's "kashira" (meaning "I wonder" or "maybe?"). She also says "uunyuu" out of curiosity.

In the anime, Hinaichigo's singing, as well as most of her quarreling with Suiseiseki, are actually ad-libbed by her seiyū, Sakura Nogawa (with Natsuko Kuwatani in the quarreling scenes).[citation needed]

Medium: Corrine / Tomoe / Jun (Indirectly)
Artificial Spirit: Berrybell (ベリーベル, Berīberu?)

Very amazing collection, I must say.
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There are still more interviews and character profiles coming on, but as I am still working on them, they will take quite some time before they are finished. I will be uploading more in the near future, after finishing my assignments and projects.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY :iconvictortky:
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