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February 7, 2009
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----------Section 9: A Situation Report (Sit-rep) and A Past Encounter_----------

1030 Hours_
1 July_
Year 2010 A.D._
United States of America_
Outskirts of Washington D.C._
Victor Key’s Personal Residence_
3 Days ago_

  “…We, the federation government of the world, will give our peacekeeping unit permission to exterminate anti-government and terrorist groups around the world with any means necessary. The peacekeepers of the World Peacekeeping Force, also known as the WPF, will work with the United Earth Federation Security Department to increase efficiency in stamping out those guerilla forces and bringing a new era of peace to the new unified world…”

  The spokesperson of the United Earth Federation spoke in a calm and reassuring voice from the big plasma television screen in Victor Keys’s personal quarters. The words “World Peacekeeping Force goes into action today.” scrolled horizontally across the screen as the spokesperson continue her press release to the public. Truthfully, this spokesperson was spinning more lies and propaganda than a computer at full speed, deceiving the population into believing this was for the so called “greater good” of the unified world. Ever since this United Earth Federation replaced the United Nations, things have calmed down around the globe in response to their policies and measures, except for the Middle East, in which the federation was going to deploy its WPF army into those regions to suppress the terrorist cells and anti-government organisations there.
  Victor muted the television screen and focused his eyes on the situational report collected by John, his intelligence agent in the field, on the UEF’s peacekeeping force. From what he has gathered, it seems that this WPF organisation was created in total secret, with less than half of the inner circle of the UEF knowing about it. The higher-ups of the congress has made their vote concerning the secret police cum military force, and its ranks since swelled from four thousand individuals to a huge army of 4 million troops. The establishment of it would not have been possible without the vast powers of the echelons that made up the inner circle. But there was something else…someone inspirational and ruthless who can unite these troops into an unstoppable force. But who was this person?
  On the surface, whatever actions the WPF did may seem harmless enough to the common civilian eyes. If you look below their surface of lies and deceit more carefully, you might discover something more horrifying than that alone. Charged with virtually unlimited powers from the federation government, this WPF organisation can do whatever they see fit to “unite” the world, and that includes using lethal force against armed countries that refused to join the federation. Although they have wiped off most of the terrorist organisations in the Middle East, but they do not differentiate between civilians and terrorists, wiping them out like a doctor would cut out a cancer from the patient’s body. “Extermination of government forces” they say, but the truth was the extreme oppression of the people who refused to join their tyrannical ways of uniting the countries in the world. To tell the truth, it was the peacekeepers’ peacekeeping irony. Such a brutal combat doctrine, and yet no one dare whisper a word of it due to the overwhelming fear of their lives. Those who dare were either very brave or extremely stupid, and they all met the fate of being silenced…permanently.
  Keys thought deeper…it seemed not only he is creating a private army. Even the various governments are creating one, and this was a prelude to a war between the nations. Tensions were rising between the nations, and sooner or later it would escalate into a world war. He held his chin with a hand in deep thought as he thought of the various requests and demands the other nations were making to get some of his weaponry laboratories to create Mobile Suites for them to augment the ranks of the military in their respective nations. Two days ago a representative from the UEF personally paid him a visit to request for an army of Mobile Suites for their WPF peacekeeping forces, and left his contact number behind, saying that the High Command was waiting for Keys’s reply. It appears that they apparently wanted him to work for them all along, after they heard about his achievements in the Bio-bionics and weaponry fields.
  Tensions in the world…requests from UEF for an army of Mobile Suites…the powerful World Peacekeeping Force…various countries in an arms race…mopping up of the Middle East…various space disturbances in the areas near the Solar System…something’s definitely not right in this chain of events. Keys needed one more piece of the puzzle to figure who or what was pulling the strings from behind the government and nations. When that happens, it would be time to deploy his own private army, the FSOF to stop whoever or whatever from leading this world to destruction. In the meantime, he would have to sit and watch what happens…and pray that what happens later will not destroy the world that he wants to change.

----------Section 10: The Halls of Power: A conversation that never happened_----------

1423 Hours_
1 July_
Year 2010 A.D_
United Earth Federation (UEF) Headquarters_
World Peacekeeping Force (WPF) Division_
Conference Room one_
3 Days ago_

  Three men, all of which were from the World Peacekeeping force, were sitting around a large round table in the dark room, which was lit by a single light. Dressed in their formal attire suits, with serious faces plastered on their faces, they meant business and nothing else. They looked at each other for a few moments before slowly nodded their heads to acknowledge each other’s presence. This was an urgent meeting, and as far as anyone beyond the large oak door was concerned, this meeting never happened and they were not even here at the given time. Their security services have done their job well.
  Then they turned their heads to read the following words on the paper files that were given to each of them in silence. The words on the report, with a bright red stamp that screams out the word “Urgent” at their faces at the top of the report, reads:


UEF (United Earth Federation) Reports Extract X2-56G
Encryption cod: Red
Public Key: Access Priority Alpha [[Triple Encryption]]
Date recorded: unknown
From: UEF Sub-Committee 54
Redirected from: UEF High Command
To:  [[Classified]], Supreme Commander of the WPF (World Peacekeeping Force)
Subject: Recent Transformer (Decepticon) Attacks (additional reports included)
Classification: Restricted [[Encryptor Directive X-66A]]
Distribution: X-Level Classified [[EYES-ONLY]]

//Start Report X2-56G//

  For the past few months the UEF’s armies has been fighting the rogue Transformers known as the Decepticons, despite the efforts of many joint armies, the Decepticons still win through their crafty nature and overwhelming firepower. Our latest intelligence has reported that outposts 2451-2457 have fallen, and it is only a matter of time before the breach our defenses around the world and eventually destroys what’s left of humanity’s cities. To make matters worse, the Decepticons have deployed their spy units which infiltrated many computer servers around the world and inserted several invasion packets into the entire network of the internet. So far, only America has been able to fight back the Decepticon invasion, due to the Autobots help. At best, the other nations were in grave danger, as the Decepticons can attack at any moment, since they hacked the infrastructure in the other nations. If this continues, prediction would put the fall of many cities in a matter of years.
  However, reports from other countries were increasingly frantic, as their communications and armed forces were crippled, hence making them easy prey for the Decepticon attacks, which may strike at any moment. Our analysts have predicted that the war will continue for several years unless we have requested help from the U.S. army and the Autobots stationed there. Even with the Autobot’s help, the fight back against the rogue Transformers would be tough and it will take its toll. The leader of the Autobots, Optimus Prime and his sub-commanders would be meeting us later this week, which we would discuss the defense plan then.
  It has come to our attention that many nations were now trying to acquire Transformer technology by whatever means possible. This has become a serious threat to world peace and requires the full attention of the WPF (World Peacekeeping Force) Even with Interpol’s help, Transformer technology seems to be falling into the black market, which were then acquired by other countries to increase their technology and develop new types of weapons. It would be a matter of time terrorists’ cells and the radical nations would ultilise these technologies to create armies of living weapons and initiate Global Conquest. If evidence is found, the WPF peacekeepers are authorized to use whatever powers and resources at their disposal to eliminate the threat for the greater good of the unified world.
    In addition, we need to suppress the unrest in the Middle East, as Operation Hellion utilize by America has devastated over 44% of the Middle East oil supply lines and infrastructure. It would take several months; if not years to restructure the Middle East. However, the information is insufficient as of time of printing, but current estimates have proven that over 10 million people in the Middle East have died in the operation. We would receive more updates on this matter soon. (Please see attached report on page 83-7A for attached references)
  The sub-committee recommends the UEF to take drastic measures to reinforce the various armies of the member nations, apply sanctions on America until it stops the many dangerous operations in the Middle East, and lastly, penetrate the Decepticon leadership through any available channels.
//End Report X2-56G//      

Intelligence gathered by [[Classified]]
Recorded by Admiral [[Classified]] for the UEF Reports.
Details are 94.2% accurate.
5.8% Unavoidable Exploitation.

Warning: Some of the details in this report are highly classified and can only be accessed by UEF personnel that have at least Alpha security clearance and anyone who breach security will be regarded as treason and will be persecuted according to the UEF Code of Military Conduct and UEF Secrets Act accordingly. (Refer to Section A25 and A57 for more details)

  The man, whose clothing shows him as a 5 star general of the WPF forces, read the report thoroughly before he closed the file with his scarred right hand. Don’t ask where he got that scarred hand from, despite the fact that his right hand looks although it has been dipped in molten metal and it looks like nothing human, more of a horribly deformed hand of some alien than anything else. With a sudden motion, he threw a glare at the other two men, who were dressed as a UEF head politician and a UEF 5-star general, only to find them busy reading the details that were typed out in the report.
  The general waited patiently until the other two men finished their reading of the reports, and signaled for an aide to get them some water. “It has been some time we met in this room, you two. I am sure we have not met like this since the oil crisis in the past, when the United Nations was still in place. I trust you are both fully informed of the current situation?” The general grinned as he lit a cigar and took a quick smoke. The politician merely nodded his reply, and silenced a cough at the smoke wafting in the air. The UEF general, on the other hand, ignored the smell of the cigar smoke said, “I did not come all the way from France to make small talk. This is an unofficial meeting at best. Let us cut the chatter and get straight to the point.”
  “As you wish.” The WPF general said as he looked at the UEF general. “I read the report and I must say I am impressed with the details. If this works, then the world’s nations would be united without any problems at all. Were it so easy, I wonder?” The UEF politician snorted and said, “If it’s so easy, there will not be any need for the top to create the WPF. Count yourself lucky that you have a job to do, and not spend the rest of your life in retirement, general.” The WPF general’s glare was all he need to see to feel some satisfaction; he was sick and tired of the general throwing his weight around every time.
  The politician decided to change the subject before the two generals came to blows. He slid an additional file across to the generals, showing the various products of Keys Industries “On a side note, these Mobile Suites created by the Keys industries seems pretty useful, but they aren’t in the market yet. However, it seems that the US army has gotten several thousand of these Suites, which they are using to form a Mobile Suite Division. This has given them an edge over the militaries of the other nations. To be their equals in terms of numbers and firepower, I have sent one of my runners to speak with this Keys person on requisitioning an army of Mobile Suites for the WPF.” He said before taking a draught of water from a cup placed beside him.
  “Excellent work, when we receive these Suites, we can reverse-engineer it for our own purposes, possibly integrate into our own and create a nucleus of a new army for the WPF’s purposes. Then there would be no nation or petty organisations who dare to defy us and still live.” The WPF general said with a sneer on his face and a mocking tone in his voice. “I personally don’t agree with that, but I won’t argue that the situations that were happening in the world’s nations were pretty grim now. Tensions and arms races, I can sense an escalation coming in mere days, if not months. We need solutions and we need them quickly, in order to create a unified world.” The UEF general slowly said as he read the attached reports from the news reports around the globe. “400 Combat Space Cruisers and 200 aerospace carriers will be rolled out from Japan’s space industries in a few weeks time for the Federation. All we need now is the Mobile Suites designed for both earthborne and spaceborne combat, which only Victor Keys have so far been accomplished. Not even the Japan industries could match up to his standards. Once that is done, we can deploy the WPF forces around the world at whatever time we wish to eliminate the anti-government groups without causing serious repercussions.” The WPF general noted as he flipped the notes to look at the statistics of the manufacturers.
  “Wait, what about the Decepticons? Who will take care of them when they strike?” The politician’s voice rose up once again. “Tsk, tsk, tsk…don’t worry about that, I have reliable intelligence that the Autobots will take care of them first. But I think its time for humanity to rise up against the Transformer race, Autobot or Decepticon. When the time is ripe, we will strike and wipe them off from the face of the Earth.” The UEF general said as he slammed his fist onto the table as emphasis.
  And so the conversation continued…in the room in which no one knows that it existed, and no one else to witness or hear it either. It was a conversation that never happened, and so it shall be…until someone or something discovers it…

COMMENT BEFORE YOU FAV. :iconcommentplz:

EQUIPMENT USED: Various Transformer comics, Transformer wiki, More than meets the Eye guidebook, The ultimate Transformer guidebook information and consultation, as well as character data and storylines data from Taiya001’s page.

Transformers: The Calm before the Storm
Here is my own story take on :icontaiya001: ‘s Transformer story, based on her storyline that intertwined both the G1 universe and the Movie Universe, so please do read up on her story before reading mine and then review it. I spent several weeks on the story design and the character writing, putting in a lot of effort to create my side of the story. I have a character named Victor Keys inside, which will be focused heavily in this story, as well as his rivalry with McAlister, Sector 7, Autobots and his relationship with Zoe, his love interest.

McAlister's Profile:[link]
Zoe's Profile: [link]

Constuctive comments and ideas appreciated. More to come on them if I have time to write and type them out in future...please do tell me if there is anything missing or unfinished, because I would not like to offend anyone and invite flamers. Thank you for the support and help in advance. I have also added my Transformer OCs and my FSOF forces in there, so I hope Taiya001 would incorporate them into her story and give them a role to play.

Below is a detailed explanation of the various Sections in the story named TF: The Calm before the Storm. Spoilers galore, so be warned. :police: :police: Unless you have read :icontaiya001: 's Transformer fanfiction story, then you would not have any idea on my fanfiction in her TF-Fanfiction universe. :police: :police:

Prologue: Some intelligent Conversations
Takes place during the Stipulations chapter: [link] Key's talk with Whitemore, and a glimpse of his plans in the story.

Section 0: Problematic Tribulations
McAlister's fury with the current failure of the Stormbringer Project, and the relevation of how many Allspark-infected hardware has been retrieved from Mission City.

Section 1: The Next Step
Autobots new HQ Autobot City, and the discussion of their plans to save Earth.

Section 2: Trying to fit into Life (on earth)
Autobots trying to fit into Life on Eath, what are the consequences? (Hilarious moments)

Section 3: The Search for Maggie and Glen
Maggie and Glen were missing, and Mark McAlister needs them. Thus, race against time to get the hackers before Sector 7 gets them. Jazz meets Fanzone, and discovers something important. The two hacker's fate were revealed in this section.

Section 4: First Special Operations Forces (F.S.O.F.)
Intro to Victor Keys's crack team, and the formation of it. Keys's plan was revealed, and he has the ideal people to get the job done. Meanwhile in space, the FSOF teams readied themselves for deployment in their Mobile Suites and Command Ships.

Section 5: In the Lion’s Lair
McAlister's evil plan is detailed in this section, and Sector 7's troops were deployed to capture the Allspark. News report from around the world were seen, and Keys created a new form of anti-transformer counter-measure to the human military.

Section 6: Human and Bots
Key's talk with Ratchet and Perceptor, and sebsequent meeting with Optimus Prime. The talk between the human and the Autobot begins.

Section 7: The Righteous Justice
Introduction to the crew of the Righteous Justice, and the eventual message from Optimus prime to reinforce Earth.

Section 8: The Imperative Meeting
The arrival of Autobot reinforcements on Earth. A later appearance of the rest of the humans for a meeting at the ark with the Autobots to discuss the Allspark and some other important matters.

Section 9: A Situation Report (Sit-rep) and A Past Encounter
Victor Keys's thoughts of the current happenings on Earth, and his predictions of the escalation in future.

Section 10: The Halls of Power: A conversation that never happened
United Earth Federation (UEF)'s echelons discussion on how to deal with the Transformers and unite the world with the World Peacekeeping Force (WPF)

Section 11: The Gathering Darkness
A secret meeting between McAlister, simmons, banachek and the highest ranking members of SECTION 56 (A ultra-secret sub-division organisation of Sector 7) to discuss how to capture the Allspark and use them to build an army of mindless drones to conquer the world.

Section 12: Seraphim Empire
Introduction to Seraphim Empire, and their relations with the Cybertronians and their interest in Earth.

Section 13: Quintessons
Quintessons discussing their notorious plans to conquer the universe and capture Earth for their own twisted purposes.

Epilogue: The Calm before the Storm
Victor and Zoe's little moment with themselves. With the oncoming storm included at the ending.

Mysterious Organisations were formed, Alliances were made; while secret plans as well as were set into motion. Humanity fractured, and new fractions rose from the ashes of the new world. Private Armies of the forces of good and evil were assembled and preparing for the inevitable war. Megatron preparing for a full scale assault, Autobots armed with the Mindlocker devices, McAlister wanting to capture a Transformer to build an army of drones, UEF planning to unite the world through a show of its force. The Seraphim Empire waiting for the emergency signal from Earth, Quintessons deploying for a full scale invasion of Earth, with Cybertronians of both fractions, Autobots and Decepticons, posed to strike for the Allspark, this is truly, the Calm before the Storm.


There are still more interviews and character profiles coming on, but as I am still working on them, they will take quite some time before they are finished. I will be uploading more in the near future, after finishing my assignments and projects.

MCALISTERS by :icontaiya001:
WHITEMORE by Universal Studios

Part 6 and 7 coming soon.
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