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Transformers AlterVerse Drabble 04: Operation Rescue Eagle One Prelude

(Note: The drabbles take place in a series of time frames after TFAV Chapter Arraignment and Answers and before the TFAV Chapter named Rescue Prez)

"President Whitemore has been captured by Russian Forces. Use of him and cabinet as hostages and leverage is inevitable. Revise Request: Send all Autobot Alliance as well as FSOF, NEST and GI JOE Strike Teams to retreive High Priority Target. This is of utmost importance. Failure is not an option."

- Autobot Alliance Pulsewave Communiqué to all Autobot Alliance and Allied forces, 2 days before the launch of Operation Rescue Eagle One.

Planet Earth_

2000 Hours_
16 December_
Year 2010 A.D._
Somewhere in the Middle East_
Location [[CLASSIFIED]]_
G.I. J.O.E. (Global Integrated Joint Operations Entity) The Pit_
2 days ago_

Hawk - 'I want reports now! We have to have all our plans in order."

Duke: All the Joes were prepped and ready, but unfortunately we cannot spare much to answer to the autobot's call due to the fact many Joes were currently fighting in hot spots around the world.

Hawk: I know, but we need a strike force to assist the Autobot Alliance to rescue President Whitemore.

Ripcord - "I have had enough of that bourgeois bigot myself."

Scarlet - "He's a maniac not a bigot Ripcord."

Hawk: I don't like McAlister's methods, and I sure don't approve what he's doing to the Middle East's a price too high to pay.

Duke - 'I got a call from my old pal Lennox, and even through all that crap they got from the Taliban they still don't agree to blowing them up to hell and back."

Hawk: [walked through the hangar bays of the pit] I don't think they deserved that either, but operation hellion has already been initiated...and god knows how many people died in that operation.

Duke - "No one deserves that kind of retaliation. No one."

Hawk - "And given Operation Pinwheel it was easy for him to finally corner and beat them into submission."

Duke: Ever get the feeling that we were on the wrong side? The GI JOE was originally formed to preserve human freedom, not taking them away.

Hawk: I understand, but the McAlister family practically controls the pentagon. It's a simple matter for them to shut down GI JOE in a heartbeat.

Scarlett - "Well then why are we standing around? Let's get suited up, if I have to deal with any more of Mark McMcalister I am going to personally put my boot up his ass."

Hawk: We have organised an operation with the help of the Autobots, the NEST force, as well as the help of the KeysTech Corporation military department team. Even as I speak, our honorary guest is here now...speak of the arrivals...

[The KeysTech Typhoon Gunship descended through the closing hangar bays of The Pit, landing gently on one of the many landing pads in the massive hangar bay of The PIT like a sparrow on a leaf.]

Duke - "No way, you got Keys on board?"

Ripcord - "We are going to rock."

Hawk: If you need an appropriate person to back you up for an Rescue Operation, it would be Victor Keys and his Corporation.

[The Typhoon Gunship's side-doors slid open and extended a ramp, which Victor Keys, clad in his own uniform and black sunglasses emerged, followed by Zoe in her customised KeysTech uniform and two FSOF Troopers.]

Duke - "Kickin."

Scarlet - [hugs Zoe] "Nice seeing you again."

Victor: General Clayton "Hawk" Abernathy. Pleased to meet you again. [shakes hands with Hawk] and you too Duke. [shakes hands with Duke]

Hawk: It has been some time since we met. And the world seemed to have grown more dangerous since the day Whitemore has been captured by the Russians.

Victor: Tell me about it. You have no idea how things were going back at the pentagon.

Duke: Impress me.

Victor: Mark McAlister has taken complete control.

Zoe - "All major cities under martial law, arrests without warrant, the systematic destruction of all that is good."

Scarlet - "That is not good."

Hawk - "You have our entire support."
Zoe - "All major cities under martial law, arrests without warrant, the systematic destruction of all that is good."

Scarlet - "That is not good."

Hawk - "You have our entire support."

Victor: good, because I will need all the help I can get. I am forming a Strike Team to mobilise in 4 days, when the Russians have stretched their military force thinly around the borders. This will give us the best chance to get into Russia to rescue Whitemore and his family.

Hawk: Who else is involved?

Zoe: "holds up a datapad" The NEST teams, the Autobots, and the FSOF teams.

Hawk - "I hope that will be enough before those nukes get launched."

Viral - "We are launching a major offensive. No side has been overlooked."

Hawk - 'excellent, so where do you want us Keys?"

Victor: [gives a datapad to Hawk and Duke] This is the outline of the plan. We would be launching an offensive with all available forces. Read through all of this and I am sure you would know what to do.

Hawk: You can count on us. The Joes always help to keep the peace in the world.

Hawk - "Would your team like to join us inside PIT and rest while we take care of our end of the deal?"

Victor: That's why my team and I were here for. We can discuss the details about the operations in the PIT's command room. And you can introduce your handpicked team to me.

Hawk: It would be a pleasure.

Hawk - [walking with Victor]"Now we just have to insure that no one is going to leak what we are doing to McAlister. If he finds out we are so done."

Duke - "I have my eye out General. Can't be too careful these days."

Victor: I agree. We can talk about those matters later when we are in your office.

[In Gen. Hawk's office]

Hawk - 'Take a seat Victor, would you like anything to drink while we talk?"

Victor: Some green tea would be nice, and thank you. May I see the list of Joes you have chosen for the operation?

Hawk - [handed it to him] "The Alpha team off course, Duke, Ripcord, Scarlet, Leatherneck, Tripwire, sparks, short fuse, and a large standard team. Do you have any suggestions for more?"

Victor: [hands the datapad to Zoe, and thought about it for a brief but careful moment] I will need Duke and Heavy Duty, as well as Roadblock and Beach-head. They will come in handy as a backup team.

Hawk: Hmm...Now you mentioned it, it does make sense.

Hawk - "I really need to come up with something other than these code names, they are starting to sound like Transformer names. Wouldn't you agree?" [he said with a laugh]

Cover Girl: You tell me, we have so many codenames that matches the Autobots that have arrived on Earth.

Duke - "Sure would make getting our names right wouldn't it."

Zoe - "Optimus and the rest of the bots like your code names, they say they are the only ones on this planet that make any sense."

Victor: Aside from what the Joes choose their codenames due to their specialties.

Hawk - 'Anyway, which direction were you planning on taking to enter Russia, we are headed in by the west traveling east."

Victor: Yes, and we need some heavy backup when things go hot while extracting Whitemore. The Joes can provide the arsenals, and we could always use some additional firepower while the Autobots and NEST, as well as the FSOF pull out after we have gotten the president and his cabinet.

Hawk - 'Sounds like a great plan. We are in business Doctor Keys." [extends hand]

Victor: [shakes it] Good to see that you agree. However, if anything happens, I would face the music for you all. All I ask is, should anything wrong goes awry, just back up me with evidence.

Hawk: You have my word.

[inside the PIT soldiers are prepping the equipment and loading shells and rounds into various attack vehicles]

Scarlet - [giving orders]"Be careful with those! Watch your heads!"

Duke: This is going to be one tough mission.

Ripcord: No doubt about that buddy.

Duke - "But bye bye captain mcasshole will be all worth it."

Ripcord - "Now that I will drink to."

Duke -"Alright cause you're buying."

Ripcord - "Hey!'

Duke: I just hope this mission goes smoothly for us.

Ripcord: Roger that mate.

[loud crash as a box of bombs drops]


Cover girl - "It's like we are babysitting these guys." -_-;

Hawk - "Lighten up guys, AND PACE YOURSELVES, We are all excited about getting Whitmore back but slow down."

Duke: Time to talk to the Troops...

Hawk: [oversees the entire PIT] All right, this is it JOES, we will be going in hot in two days time with the Autobot Alliance in two days time to rescue Whitemore and Co. Every JOE that can stand to and hold a weapon is required to go on this mission. Joes with desk duties are given temporary leave status. I am not going to lie about this...we are going in with virtually no intel. But what I do know is that we would either bring Whitemore back, or die trying in the process. The Russians have struck first, so I think it's time for us to strike back! We are going in hot to bring our President and his family back, DO YOU ALL GET ME?

The GI JOES: [roared] YO JOE!

Hawk: Time to get to work.

1800 Hours_
17 December_
Year 2010 A.D._
Planet Earth_
Off the Coast of San Diego_
Location [[CLASSIFIED]]_
NEST [Network Elements Supporters and Transformers] Operations Command
2 days ago_

Lennox: I missed Ironhide...he would have jumped with joy for this kind of mission.

Epps - "He sure would have. DAMN THAT HELICOPTER TO HELL!"

Lennox - "I just want to tear him appart, he does nothing but kill our guys."

Hassert - "You two talking about that con that assaulted Soccent?"

Lennox: What else? Of course. The one that carried a scorpion on its back and wiped Soccent off the map.

Epps - "If only you didn't miss that shot back in L.A. What happened again?"

Lennox - 'Some idiot ran right into me while I was on the motorcycle and knocked me off."

Graham: I didn't get a good look at that person who knocked you off mate, as I am busy shooting other Decepticons with the other American troopers.

Lennox - "Darn it. I just wish we would be given another chance at them."

Graham - "Remember that tank, the thing called Brawl? That one kept taking bullet after bullet after bullet and still came back for more."

Hassert: Indeed, I expended all my sabot rounds on him and he still kept on coming...never seen a transformer regenerate that fast.

Lennox - "Prime said that he is from a team called the Combaticons. So seems fitting that he would be so strong. Let's just be happy that they were not all there to form bruticus."

Figoura: I heard those were the crack troops of the Decepticons, sent in when Megatron want things totally wiped out.

Lennox - 'Demolitions team eh? fitting."

Epps - "What was with that raptor? They call it starscream, why do they call him that I don't know. Any ideas guys?"

graham: I checked with Ratchet, it was Starscream all right. Guess we hit the jackpot on the name.

Epps - "No, not that it was starscream, why is it called starscream? I dont get it."

Lennox: other than the fact he screams through the sky?

Epps - "Probably why."

Viral - "No guys it's because he screams like a tiny child when he gets abused by megatron." XD

Graham: That never gets old. You should see his face when megatron screamed, "You have failed me again starscream!"

Lennox – XD 'That would have been funny. What Ironhide told me he is always failing megatron."

Epps - "Talk about dumb and dumber." Laughing

Graham: The Decepticons might be thick as bricks for some, but I wouldn't doubt any that were sharp and sly.

Lennox - "Take that crazy one on the wheels back on the highway. Hound tells me that the only thing running in his head is Hate this and Hate that. He is about as dimensional as a piece of paper."

Hassert: You mean that one named demolisher? He has a pretty meaningful name, but dumb.

Covergirl - [takes out file photo shows it] bonecrusher "This him?"
Lennox - "Yeah."

Covergirl - [reads off file] "Bonecrusher, word has it he wasn't always tan-coloured, he was a constructicon and was modified by....Shockwave."

Figoura: He has a bad attitude. A very bad attitude. One that needs some anger management lessons.

Covergirl - "From my intel, they have been trying to turn him back to normal but have had limited success."

Lennox: Perhaps a sabot round into his processor can cure him of his insanity.

Covergirl - "Lennox the lost G.I Joe. Always quick to action."

Lennox – smile "Hey if I didn't have a family I would have taken your guys' offer."

Epps: Hey man, their doors are always open. Just drop in your form and you are set for life.

Lennox - "I dont think so Epps. After this TF stuff calms down I think I'll get out of the military."

Epps - "No way."

Lennox - "This kind of work can mean you'll come home in either a pine box or beaten up."

Figoura: I can attest to that...that scorponok gave me a chest wound that might stay with me for life.

Lennox - [shivered at the thought of the insect]

Covergirl - [looked through her files] "Scorponok parasite partner to Blackout, the two form a double headed team by allowing both air and ground combat to occur at the same time. Fascinating. I have only had a chance to read through Soccent's incident. "

Figoura: You might change your tune if you end up like me having a spike in my chest.

Covergirl - "I just long for some action, I am always here doing paperwork."

Lennox: Being a Joe sometimes have action while other times they have paperwork to do...I won't mind having action, but it has certain problems in the sense that your life could be in danger.

Covergirl - "Indeed."

Hawk - [on platform] "Joes!"

Joes - "Yes sir!"

Hawk - "I've just got word in from the Pentagon, we are alone on this mission, and we have lost capability over some satellites. Mark is shutting us down!"

Lennox: Damn that problematic general...looks like we were lucky to have the KeysTech Corporation satellites and NEST satellites in space.

Hawk - "NEST No! Victor you're the commander of this mission. I am completely in the dark as of now. Can you take my mantle?"

Victor: I will take over until you appoint another person in charge.

Optimus: I agree.

Hawk - "Mark is trying to push all loyalists of Whitmore out. I think our department will be next to fall. Joe's if we fail this will be our final mission."

Lennox: Not if we could help it. I will personally make sure NEST and GI JOE will not be shut down.

Hawk - "And that is the kind of mentality I need. EVERYONE FINISH UP AND HEAD TO BED. We all need our rest."

Epps: well, looks like we will have to save it for the russians.

Hawk - [walks down to speak with Victor] "I can't believe how much support I am loosing in this. I've never seen us get so low in logistics and intel. We should have realized something was up when members were being called back to the states."

Victor: But it's good news that I have managed to get NEST and some autobot strike teams to help us in the rescue.

Lennox - "And boy am I ready for a good tag team fight!"

Epps - "I just wish we had a giant laser in space looking out for us."

Victor: The SOL that Mark has can be useful in situations like this, if it can be powered down...

Lennox - "I was a private when that thing was commissioned. Blame the Bush administration on its existence."

Hawk: It's a WMD in space...a network of satellites that can sent an ionising beam anywhere on the globe with a laptop system.

Lennox - "And the only one that can fire it is Mark. And if anyone tries to hack it."

Epps -"Massive viral infection."

Hawk: Anyone knows who have those laptops that control the satellites?

Lennox: Only a number of generals...mostly McAlisters and their allies.

Epps - "Erasure wont allow anyone to fire it.'

Lennox - 'At least not without Mark's strict orders.'

Covergirl - "The only computers that could hack it are keystech computers but the virus would cripple their systems."

Victor: I have studied that problem...and I have managed to come up with a prototype counter-intrusion software with the help of dialtone and high-tech. But it needs to be tested. We need to get our hands on one of the laptops that control the SOL system.

Duke- 'No way, you found a way around that Viral upload system. I heard that thing was programmed by the heads of the echelon."

Ripcord - 'I don't know how we will get a laptop. Or that wrist communicator of Mark's"

Hawk: I can put out some feelers with some old contacts of mine who owe me some favours...they can help us come out with an excuse to borrow one of the laptops. Once we have it, I will give it to you, and you can find a way to input a program that can shut down the entire network of satellites when they activate beyond safe levels.

Lennox - "Gen. Hawk. I know this is going to sound disrespectful but I highly doubt anyone here is going to be able to do that. Mark has us blacklisted and in the Army that means keep away at all costs. If you do have a contact, keep him below radar, otherwise one of Marks hounds will sniff em out."

Hawk: You have a valid point. But sooner or later we will need to get our hands on the hook or by crook.

Epps - "I am so game. I've got a cousin that works in the white house so maybe he can help out."

Lennox: Hmm...but we may place your cousin in danger too.

Hawk: I think I have the perfect person to for this job. But I may need to pull some strings.

Covergirl - "A collaboration effort between Epps's cousin and your guy in question hawk would be most effective. Have to players on the board is much better than one."

Lennox: But we have to thread this carefully...Mark has agents everywhere.

Epps: I agree.

Arsenal [made up GI Joe XD ] - "Well simple guys, where does Mark and his goons fear to tread? Where do they avoid? Because that is the perfect place for our infiltrators to meet up and hand off files to us Joes."

Lennox - "Clever, but does anyone know of a place that Mark and his men would never go near or even suspect?'

Graham: That is a good question.

Lennox - "Simple, Mark hangs with the generals and officers, so stick to local bars. Simple places that his so called "refined" taste wouldn't like.'

Epps: yeah he won't, but maybe his agents will.

Lennox - "No I dont think so Epps. Those agents are good but they arent too inquisitive from what I remember. We just have to stage things just right. None of that check my six stuff. It has to look natural. And the locations, big, loud, and populated areas should provide sufficient cover."

Hawk: Then I think we can work something out once our agents manage to secure one of the laptops.

Lennox - "Sounds like a plan General."

Hawk: …and I have the perfect person for the job.

Lennox - "Who sir?"

hawk: Agent Faces. Our best infiltration specialist.

Lennox - "Who?"

Epps - "I've only heard his name but who exactly is that?"

Duke: Agent Faces is our answer to Cobra mimics like Zartan. He's our special operation agent.

Epps - "Thanks Duke. Man that Zartan freaks me out so I hope Faces is not as scary."

Duke: He's not like Zartan, so don't worry.

Epps - "Good cause that guy freaks the crap out of me. And that jingle he won't stop singing." >_<

Duke: I know that all too well.

Covergirl - "Well if you ask me, the real jolly good fellow would be Hawk."

Lennox - "You don't say?" LOL

Epps: I agree.

Hawk - [up stairs still laughed at the jolly good fellow thing]

lennox: Let's get to work then.

[The entire base exploded into activity]

1230 Hours_
18 December_
Year 2010 A.D._
Paris, France_
2 Days ago_

[FSOF Agent John was reading a magazine at a nearby cafe when his communicator rang]

John: [flipped up the communicator] yes?

Serina: Agent John. You are hereby ordered to return to the states as part of Operation Rescue Eagle One.

John: yes ma'am. [smirked]

[Special Agent John was mentioned in TF The Calm before the storm, he's in charge of FSOF intelligence department.]

John: Any news of the mission?

Serina: FSOF teams have been given full authorisation from Commander Keys.

John: That is good. Because I am itching for some action.

Serina - "I am sure you will get some in the next mission."

Serina: Prepare for extraction, a dropship is on its way to pick you up at the designated coordinates.

John: Roger that. [tips his hat]

[John grabs his briefcase, placed the magazine on the table with some cash, and walked towards his designated pickup point]

Tokyo, Japan_
At the same time_

[Special Agent Dominique was standing by the Port of Japan, watching the ships pass by and the crowds of people walking pass her]

[she pushed her scarf up towards her face, and looked at the chilly and grey sky]

[looking at the various japanese folks going about their daily lives, she felt a sense of peace]

[as she cast her eyes over the distance, her communicator rang]

Dominique: [flipped up the communicator] Special Agent Dominique here.

Serina: Agent Dominique. You are hereby ordered to return to the states as part of Operation Rescue Eagle One.

Dominique: So...the mission to save Whitemore has been authorised.

Serina: We are doing this with help from the Autobots and NEST forces. We would be facing the entire Russian army if we go in fast.

Dominique: Sounds like my kind of plan.

Serina: All FSOF teams have been notified, and dropships are dispatched to pickup points. Be ready.

Dominique: Orders acknowledged. Going to Pickup point now. [she closed the communicator]

[behind her, the pickup truck beeped revealing his form as an Autobot]

Pyro: Glad to see you back, Dominique.

Dominique: [got in and seated in the front seat] Just enjoying the view.

Pyro: So...where next?

Dominique: Proceed to designated pickup point, A skyship is coming to pick us up.

Pyro: That would be ideal...but I kind of miss this peaceful.

Pyro - "Then how about we come back for our victory celebration?"

Dominique: That would be perfect, once the states are back in order.

Pyro - "Exactly. Plus I hear that this Sake stuff may be used as some sort of fuel."

Dominique: Yes, but it is more for human consumption.

Pyro - "Really? I thought it was like some sort of simple ethanol fuel."

Dominique: is more of a celebratory drink for Japanese people.

Pyro – sweat "Oh now I get it."

Dominique: I can never get how you bots consume energon...the pink liquid looks rather poisonous.

Pyro - "Well to you it looks poisonous, to me it looks tasty."

Dominique: I see...but some bots consume oil too.

Pyro - "Actually Dominique we consume a number of different fuels and liquids."

Dominique: I presume diesel too?

Pyro - 'Yeah that works for a while but, motor oil, transmission fluid, coolant and such. We drink a lot of different fluids.'

Dominique: Then why not pure energon?

Pyro: It overcharges our bodies, which may cause death.

Dominique: I see. Have you purified it before?

Pyro: Perceptor and wheeljack have made a machine that does exactly that, and hence we can create better energon than the Decepticons.

Dominique: I see. Well, is there any luck with a space bridge on the bots end?

Pyro - 'No...nada."

Pyro: Perceptor has only come up with the theoretical version of space bridges.

Dominique - "That's too bad."

Pyro: But plans for a "groundbridge" is in the works.

Dominique - "Well I hope that works."

Pyro: [drives along the Tokyo streets] Wheeljack has only managed to create a small version of it, but he has scrapped the design due to many problems. Now he is working on a new one.

Dominique - "Well maybe its for the best. Who knows what kind of malfunctions could result in using such technology."

Pyro: If cons could perfect it, why couldn't we?

Dominique - "Who know if that is good, you see how angry they are all the time. Maybe it's a side effect." {she said jokingly}

Pyro: Or the abilities of their scientists.

Dominique – [laughing] "Could be."

Pyro: Well, I guess we would have to make do with what we have for now.

Dominique - "We will manage."

Pyro: With the help of the NEST and FSOF, we could just pull this operation off.

Dominique: [looks out at the streets of Tokyo] I agree.

Pyro - "I just hope those Russians arent doing something horrible to the sparklings.'

Dominique: I am sure we will get there in time.

Pyro: We will, I agree with you.

Dominique – nod

[and their journey continued to the pickup site]

1230 Hours_
Off the Coast of Hawaii_
At the same time_

[Steven and Diana were enjoying their vacation]

Diana - {was being held by Steven as he caressed her hair}

Steven - "Finally a moment's peace with you Diana."

Diana: Although it might be one week, but I enjoyed it.

Steven – huggle "Well I am glad."

Diana: True to that.

Steven – smooch "Plus you do look great in that tan."

Diana: I rarely sun-tan...but it felt good.

Steven – aww "I know but still."

Diana: Anyway, I had been itching for a swim.

Steven - "Yeah I can see why, being stuck in Colorado isnt exactly fun for someone like you who likes to swim."

Diana: And thanks to our Commander we can have this lagoon to ourselves.

Steven - "I don't know how he does it, but he has his connections.'

Diana: True, he has quite the contacts.

Steven - 'He sure does."

[A waiter came over and served them cold drinks]

Steven - 'Thank you."

Waiter - "Your welcome.'

Diana: [sipped her fruity cocktail]

Steven - "Hey how about after this we go get some ice cream?"

Diana: Sure. I am craving for chocolate.
Steven - "And I think a nice strawberry for me."

Diana: You and your strawberries.

Steven - 'What? They are sweet like you." ^+^

{that was an un-Womanlike reaction. It would be more like this}

Diana – "embarrassed" "Oh you."

Steven - {Pulled her in closer} "You know it's true."

Steven: And besides, you look pretty beautiful in a swimsuit.

Diana - ^///^ "You're not just saying that are you?"

Steven: Oh come on, what's with all that humour?

Diana – giggle "I am not trying to be funny Steven."

Steven: Then what's with that big grin? [joked]

Diana - "I just have to giggle when you flatter me." ^////^

Steven: You do know you have quite the figure. XD

Diana – blush "Well with all our training..^///^"

Steven: That's true.

Diana - "And you look like a stud." Flirtatious

Steven: All thanks to my gym lessons.

Diana - ^//^ "And you look fantastic from it."

Steven: [felt his face go red] Thanks for the compliments.

Diana – smooch "Your welcome.'

[Steven pulled Diana close to him, and she closed her eyes awaiting the kiss, when they both heard a beeping sound from their communicators]

Both: Damn. [at the same time]

[They both picked up their communicators and opened the lid, revealing Serina's face]

Serina: Special Agent Steven and Diana. You are both recalled back to the states for Operation Rescue Eagle One.

Steven: Can't it wait after our vacation?

Serina: I am afraid that is not possible. The mission for rescuing Whitemore has been approved. You are both required to return to Colorado. All FSOF teams have been mobilised.

Diana - "Alright but we are still getting our ice cream."

Serina: A dropship is arriving at your location in 12 hours. I guess that gives you both "lovebirds" to have some time to yourselves. Just be ready by 0030 Hours.

Steven: Roger that.

Diana - 'See you all then.'{clicked the communicator off} "Good, now we can make the most of our time." ^W^ heart

Steven - ^//^ heart "Indeed."

Steven: But let's get our ice-cream first. [took her hand and pulled her close to him]

Diana- giggled

[And they embraced with a kiss]

[Then Steven took her hand and they walked off to their seaside suite]

1230 Hours_
NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organisation) Military HQ_
At the same time_

[Rex and Viral alighted from their Fighter Jet]

{:D thanks for forgiving me, Please continue with operation eagle one}

Mechanic: Glad to see you back!

Rex: [takes off his helmet] That was one nice flight mission.

Viral: Although I prefer my own gunship.

Rex - "I agree."

Mechanic: I will fix up the fighter Jet, you two get some rest.

Rex - "Thank you."

[They both walked off, out of the hangar bay and onto the launch pads]

[around them, the military HQ bustled with activity]

Viral - "Everyone is always in a rush."

Rex: Most of them are on assignments, and many more are occupied with their work to keep this HQ running.

Viral - "But with all this rushing, things won't get done as well as they should.'

Rex: True, but each people has his or her own style to work on.

Viral – nod

[They walked past cadets who saluted them respectfully]

{together they nodded in respect}

[rex and viral then walked towards the military HQ Command Center]

A commander welcomed them.

? - "Hello Rex, Viral, how did the training session turn out?"

[Both of them saluted]

Rex: Please to meet you, Captain Zex.

Zex – nod "Same to you two."

Rex: So just dropping by, or you came here with a purpose/

Zex: A little of both.

Viral – smile "So what can we do for you?'

Zex: You both have been recalled to Autobot City in Colorado. Operation Rescue Eagle One is approved.

Viral - "We are going to rescue whitmore!?"

Rex: About time.

Zex - "Time to get the world back to balance.'

Viral and Rex - "Then sign us up and get us to the mission."

Zex: You just got your wish. All FSOF teams have been mobilised.

Rex - "Sweet."

Zex: A dropship is already here. Go pack your stuff and meet me in 20 minutes.

Rex&Viral – [saluted and left quickly]

Zex – XD "Same old Rex and Viral."

Global Stratospheric Transport (GST) Alexander the Great_
F.S.O.F. (First Special Operation Forces) Operations Command_
Over the Pacific Ocean_
Main Command Room_
12 Hours later_

Victor: [To all the FSOF agents] You all have time to digest the mission report. We are collaborating with a joint task force to rescue whitemore.

FSOF Member - "YES SIR!"

Lennox - 'Next orders of operations."

Victor: We will be storming the place with gunships and mobile suits.

Victor: NEST and FSOF would be deploying in full force. We are going in hot to bring our president back.

[The hangar bay of troops roared their approval]

Steven: How much resistance we are expecting?

Victor - "Extreme."

Victor: However, we would be striking when their resistance is at the weakest.

Lennox: That would be the best.

Victor - "So you ready Lennox?"

Lennox: NEST is always ready.

Victor – smile "Good to hear Captain."

Lennox: I hope this will be all over soon.

Rex - 'It will."

Victor: I just hope this won't be getting worse after we return the president.

Lennox - "Ditto my friend."

Epps: Don't worry, it won't.

Captain of maintenance - {came up} "SIR ALL SUITS ARE FUELED AND READY FOR TAKE OFF."

Victor: This is it, you are all familiar with the plan. We would be deploying soon.

Everyone – [nodded and saluted]

Victor: I have only one order: DO NOT DIE.

Everyone - "YES SIR!"

192.8 Cycles a.k.a. 1600 Hours_
19 December_
Year 2010 A.D._
United States of America_
State of Colorado, Area designated 101_
Autobot City Command Hub (a.k.a. A.C.C.H.)_
Conflict Command Room_
1 day ago_

Optimus: I have approved a strike force to extract Whitemore. Who is willing to go on this rescue mission?

Jazz- "I can Prime."

Armourhide: Many of us are willing Prime, but a small but effective strike force is needed.

Prime - "Very good Armourhide."

Jazz: Who will be willing to go? [he put his hands on his sides]

[Brawn rose his hand]

[so did many other Autobots]

Prime - -_-; "This is going to be a long cycle."

[after much choosing, a small group of bots accompanied by Advocator was chosen]

Prime: Prowl, what is your assessment?

Prowl: Well, Bulkhead and Brawn can be used for heavy muscle, Cliffjumper and Armourhide can provide firepower, and Bluestreak with Silverstreak can back up with their missiles and blasters. Prowl: Well, Bulkhead and Brawn can be used for heavy muscle, Cliffjumper and Armourhide can provide firepower, and Bluestreak with Silverstreak can back up with their missiles and blasters.

Prime - "Very good.'

Prowl: The main thing I am worried however, is that McAlister is still in charge of the military, and we aren't able to do anything about it.

Prime - "No but that is why we are going to prove to the president that he is not trustworthy."

Prowl: But that is difficult considering the lack of evidence.

Prime - "That's why Keystech information staff are digging as much as they can to find some."

Prowl: I know, but this is getting worse by the cycle.

Prime - "I know Prowl. And I fear if we don't take care of this monster now, it will get out of hand.'

Cliffjumper: So why don't authorise me to take care of the job?

Prime - "We don't kill humans Cliffjumper."

Cliffjumper: Why not make this an exception? He deserves it, being that slaghead he is.

Prime - 'Because I won't let us turn into Decepticons."

Prowl: But we won't be solving this with diplomacy.

Prime - 'I know."

Silverstreak: Finally, some action! I thought I will rust in Autobot City.

Hot Rod: Chill your processor streak! I am so heading the rescue team.

Optimus: No, Hot Rod, you will head the secondary teams, I will take command of the main strike force.

Hot Rod: [sigh] At least I am still included.

Optimus: Advocator, can you carry some of the forces? The rest would have to use the skyships.

Advocator: I can, but it would be a tight fit.

Optimus - "Just try your best Advocator."

Advocator: Don't worry, I will.

Prime - 'Well then let's go and prepare for the rescue.

Optimus: [looked at the gathered Autobots] The humans are also gathering their forces for the rescue mission.

Prowl: Who had responded to the call?

Armourhide: NEST, FSOF and several Joe teams.

Magnus - "Fantastic.'

Victor: That's quite a relief.

Magnus - "We ready to go?"

Victor: At 1200 hours tomorrow, that's when the Russians were at their weakest in defenses.

Magnus - "Affirmative.'

Cannonblower: [To the assembled Autobots] All right, you heard the Prime! Get to your posts and get ready for the operation!

[The Autobots scrambled to the armory and the launch bays of Autobot City]

[Magnus and Prime watched them go]

Magnus: I just hope this will solve our problems in America for us.

Optimus: I hope so too brother.

Magnus - "Because if I have to bow to Mark any more I will have a processor breakdown."

Optimus: You don't have to bow to him. Just watch your back when you are around him.

Magnus - "I will do that Optimus."

Optimus: I just hope we can rescue Whitemore and his cabinet before the Decepticons.

Victor: Same here too.

1200 Hours_
20 December_
Year 2010 A.D._
United States of America_
Washington D.C._
Keys FutureTech (aka KeysTech) Corporation Headquarters_
Victor Keys's Private Quarters_
Present day_

[Victor Keys was in a Gendo Pose whie Serina was bringing up newspaper reports on his holoscreen]

Serina: All FSOF teams have been recalled from their vacations and assignments.

Victor Keys: Good. Tell them to all regroup at Autobot City in Colorado.

Serina: Orders Acknowledged.

Victor – [nodded at her]

Serina: [gestured to the holographic screens showing world news and different new reports flashed up]

Victor - "This mission needs to succeed."

Serina: I calculate a possibility of 67% of success...after running through 16,879 simulations.

Victor - "Fantastic. Upload the top 20 battle plans that will result in the highest success."

Serina: Orders acknowledged.

Victor - "Very good."

Serina: Zex has sent his update on the American's getting worse.

Victor - "Display the details."

Serina: [gestured to the screen and the report flashed up, with attached videos]

Victor - {looked through them}

Serina: Japan has chosen to remain neutral.

Victor: I see... [waved the hologram away, before calling another]

Serina - "Also something seems off with the Generals, during their time on CSPAN they have been looking more out of reality."

Victor: The tell-tale sign of nanomites.

{CSPAN footage played and a young General Harold answered the questions like a drone}

Victor: I had no further doubt.

Serina: And Zex reported that a certain large amount of MARS trucks have arrived at the Pentagon.

Victor - "This is not good."

Serina: It is highly likely someone is plotting a coup.

Victor - "Mark is not going to save the president, he is going to kill him with the Russians.'

Serina - "We have to rush our plan I think.'

Victor: [crossed his arms] We will have to get there as fast as possible

Serina - 'I concur master."

Victor Keys: [thought about the plans]

Serina: Commander, FSOF teams are arriving in a few hours.

Victor Keys: Good.

Victor Keys: Let them know where to assemble, I will be there shortly with Zoe.

Serina - "Orders acknowledged."

Serina: The situation on Earth is deteroriating by the day. Do you wish to send the message?

Victor: Denied. But update this to the message log.

Victor: I won't be sending the message if this situation can be contained.

Serina - "I understand."

Victor: Do you? If Mark takes over the government, we would be in for a massive war.

Serina - "Did I say something offensive Dr. Keys? I do understand.'

Victor: No, it's nothing. Just a rethorical question.

Serina: [curled her arms into a thinking pose]

Victor - "Our teams have to be successful.'

Serina: If they are to succeed, that is.

Victor - "We will Serina."

Serina: I only give the best advice is up to you and your team to execute the mission.
Victor - 'I know."

Victor: [looks at his watch] Time's almost up. I am going down. Inform Zoe to meet me at the main plaza.

Serina: Orders Acknowledged, Victor Keys. [she watched as Victor Keys got up and left, the holograms vanishing behind him]

[Victor turned his head back and nodded at Serina before the doors to his office open. As he turned his head back and walked through the doors, which whispered shut behind him, Serina took this chance to blow a kiss at him.]

Sector Alpha-Omega 27 (KeysTech Military Department)_
Sub-basement D-40 (Mobile Suit Hangar Bay)_
1 Hour 20 Minutes later_

[Victor and Zoe watched as the FSOF teams assembled in front of their respective Mobile Units]

Zoe - "Won't be long now Victor. Soon Marks reign will be over.'

Victor: I hope so too.

Zoe - {pat him on the back and gave him a sweet smile} "We will succeed.'

[he held her hand] "We will…we have to."

Zoe - {leaned in close to him}

[Behind them, Jazz and Cliffjumper walked into the hanger room]

Jazz - "Ready to rock and roll?"

Victor - 'If you mean the mission, yes."

Cliffjumper: The Russians are so going to be in a world of hurt when I get my hands on them.

Jazz – [high-fives Cliffjumper] "Yes they will."

[Rex, Viral, Steven, Diana, Dominique, John, and many other teams of FSOF troopers walked up to Victor and saluted]

Zoe - {Hugged Diana} "Nice to have you all back. It's been quiet around here."

Diana: At least you still have Dala here at KeysTech.
Zoe - "True but you know you and Viral are my best gal pals."

Viral: What happened to Dala?

Zoe - "We are friends but you two are my best gal pals."

Diana: I see, it's always nice to have you as my friend.

Zoe - "Thank you Diana."

Viral: Where Dala?

Zoe: She's with Gears, getting through paperwork.

Victor - "I have to find a better way to handle that."

Viral: Serina is getting through that now right?

Victor: Now you mention it yes.

Victor: However, Serina has managed to cut down most paperwork.

Rex - "Good cause us humans weren't built for that." {making a joke]

Zoe – XD

Jazz: [tried hard to hold in his laughter]

Rex - "I mean after all, if we were built for paperwork we would have pens and pencils for fingers."

Jazz – [laughing]

Cliffjumper – [laughed humourously]

Steven: That is the first time I heard a giant robot laugh.

Jazz – XD "That's because we don't get a good laugh much these days."

Victor - "Well that changes today. After we rescue the President, nothing but happy times for us all."

Jazz: I hope so.

Victor - "I know so."

Jazz: Optimus has reported that he will been sending a detachment of Autobots to help in the operation.

Victor - "Very good."

Cliffjumper: Much needed firepower indeed.

Victor: The FSOF teams will be armed with the Mobile Units.

Jazz: They will be a great help.

Victor - {nodded]

Victor: All FSOF Troopers have 20 minutes to prepare for the operation. Get suited up and later meet in hanger bay 27!

{They scrambled to get ready}

Autobot City Command Hub, Hangar Bay 27_
10 minutes later_

~The Autobots, Nest Troopers, FSOF members and the GI JOES were all suiting up and getting ready to launch in the Repulsor Skyship known as the "Eternal Freedom". Mobile Suits were powering up as they moved into the Repulsor Skyship, with the Autobot Alliance members getting into gear~

Victor: "clad in his customised accelerator suit armour" Optimus. Thank you for authorising Jazz, Blurr, Drift, the Arcees, Sideswipe, Sunstreaker, the Wreckers, Advocator, Stargazer and Cannonblower for the mission.

Optimus: Take it as a small token of my gratitude. When you rescue Whitemore, the world would be a better place.

Jazz - {overhearing conversation} "I have had enough of mark. I have to hear his big mouth anymore and I would personally rust my own auditory sensors just so I don't have to hear him."

Sidwswipe - "I don't mean to be the busted bolt in the machine but...what if Whitmore is you know... dead?"

Zoe: "clad in her customised accelerator armour" not exactly...

Sideswipe: come again?

Zoe: "holding up a data-tablet" As a standard procedure for the president, Whitemore has asked Victor once to implement a homing beacon on his suit in the past. As long as the homing beacon is still online...we can find him. From what the homing beacon is saying...he's still alive.

Optimus: I presume the Russians are too afraid to kill him as it would escalate the war between Russia and America.

Victor: They are planning to use him as leverage, but with Mark McAlister as the current president, I don't think so.

Jazz: the sooner we find him, the better...I can't stand Mark and his lackeys anymore.

Springer: Nor can I, I would rather face Kup in a war zone drill session than listen to Mark speeches. "racks his blaster"

Advocator: He reminds me of Megatron for some reason. Perhaps the attitude and the speeches.

Duke: All right, the reinforcements from the Pit have arrived. The GI JOES were also coming to help rescue Whitemore.

Optimus: You have my thanks, duke.

Duke: you are welcome.

~Around them, the Autobot/NEST/GI JOE/FSOF alliance were getting ready for Operation Rescue Eagle one~

Duke - 'From what I get, I am just glad us Joes don't have to deal with Mark."
Ripcord - "I understand you there. Imagine him as a drill sergeant?"
Elita - 'I just don't understand why the Russians haven't made any hostage requests? Optimus?

Optimus: I am not sure myself, but it's only a matter of cycles -- pardon me -- time before they will threaten to kill whitemore just to get America's approval to stamp out the Transformers.

Jazz: I think the main reason we were still alive is because we were living on borrowed time, and the Joes were also an independent task force that does not answer to anyone.

Duke: You got that right...but what about the Transformers when Mark decides to capture all of them?

Zoe: When that happens, your race would be enslaved by the radical factions on Earth...which we would want to avoid at all costs.

Victor: Then I guess we better stop them before its too late. The first step would be to rescue Whitemore and bring him back to the White House. I have enough connections and people willing to facilitate his return.

Optimus - "This is like the great war all over again."

Kup - "Yup, old war feelings coming back."

Arcee - "The only question I cannot answer is what is Mark really after? He already has the highest military position in the world. What more could a human want?"

Victor: very simple, world domination. I cannot say anything, but whatever he is planning is big, and what he wants to achieve is world domination.

lennox: I kind of get that just by knowing that man alone.

Epps: no doubt.

Optimus - {serious face} "Then we must ensure he is overthrown!"

[Autobots: hoorah!]

Jazz - "I don't mean to doubt you Keys but you sure you've got enough to take on an entire country's military if McAlister retaliates?"

Victor: Don't need to worry about that, because I have enough forces who are willing to support Whitemore and me within the United Earth Federation. And I have you all, NEST, and the GI JOES. If we cooperate together, we would be able to defeat McAlister and his allies if he decides to retaliate.

Optimus: I hope so, as we are going to need all the help we can get. The more people who support us, the better off we are.

Arcee: [looks at the Mobile Suits walking up the ramp into the Repulsor Skyship] So this are the new Mobile Suits...pretty remarkable for a feat of human engineering.

Zoe: yes, and it's all thanks to Leonard Church for his hard work and Victor's too.

Optimus - "I like how you managed to streamline the design and get the systems to interface with human cerebro movements."

Arcee - "And the paintjobs ain't bad either" [wink]

Viral - 'Personalization goes a long way. Plus it helps the pilot feel like it is their own."

Advocator: Quite a nice touch even by organic standards. Shows the personalities of the human pilots.

Stargazer: Some of us cybertronians used to like to personalise our weaponry and quarters.

Jazz: You should see Bumblebee's...his quarters are stuck to the brim with video games.

Blaster - "He is so caught up in this earth culture I don't think he'd ever want to go home. I just can't get enough of this cool music."

Cliffjumper - "I used to have my own apartment on cybertron. I look back and now I am sad I did not do anything with it when I had it."

Optimus - "Before Onslaught destroyed city central."

Prowl: How I wished we could rebuild Iacon and the beautiful gardens there...the council of ancients was the crown jewel of Cybertron.

Ultra Magnus: Until the Decepticons wrecked it in their final assault, and shockwave personally destroyed that place.

Bumblebee - "Sadly the beauty of Kaon and Iacon were the only prosperous places on cybertron. I can agree with the cons that the senate was a bit greedy. I don't want to repeat history."

Optimus: I know, hence the reason why I dissolved the senate using my contingency powers.

Cliffjumper - 'Why can't Megatron see the old ways of the bots are gone and we will never go back to that deplorable state?"

Jazz - "I don't want to be a jerkatron but maybe he doesn't want to. Maybe he enjoys being blind."

Prowl: He's too blind to see the truth, hence the reason why he has been betrayed by starscream so many times that he didn't even kill that seeker.

Optimus: For once, I agree with you prowl.

Jazz - "All I know is all this con love and fandom has got me sick. I cant believe how divided this world is becoming. Human, bot, con, or neutral. This is like the old war all over again."

Optimus: Looks like we have to sort out this mess one data track at a time...starting with rescuing Whitemore.

Jazz - "Then we can prove we are the best pick right OP?"

Optimus - "I hope we can regain the public's trust in us."

Prowl: The only logical situation is that we also need to work on our public relations with the human governments.

Jazz: But we have seen how that worked out...the Decepticon's video turned many of our allied nations against us.

Bumblebee - "I can't believe that they can use truth to suit their own deception. It just ain't right."

Cliffjumper - "We are paying for our mistakes in the past. We tried to cover it up and now we are wearing it as badges of shame."

Optimus: But megatron has started the great war...and it's our duty to protect the human race from the effects of the great war...and I am not resting until this war has ended.

Sunstreaker - 'Maybe the human race doesn't want to be saved."

Hound - "Hey since when have you been the pessimist?"

Jazz: Things look bleak right now...the Decepticons have won many nations over to their side...and we have reports of many Decepticons landing in other countries.

Optimus - "We have to keep our guard up about them."

Jazz - 'No doubt there bossbot."

Prowl: [holds up a datapad] I have stationed some of our Autobot Strike teams in the neighbouring countries, so that they can keep an eye on those nations for us.

Lennox: So many nations have pledged their allegiance to the Decepticons...but which ones are the major players?

Hound - [at the computer] "Let's see, we have Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Malaysia, a lot of the island nations."

Epps - "Word has it that they are getting more support of European countries. And Japan may sign a charter with them as well."

Optimus: This is not good news...we need to consolidate the nations that have supported us and take steps to prevent those nations from backing the Decepticons with funds and weaponry.

Hound - "It's not funds or weapons I worry about, considering the most these countries have is long range missiles that will be taken down by the laser network that Mark set up. Its the support of the people and what if they end up being used as human shields?"

Optimus: and not to mention the military might of those large countries...and Russia's nuclear weapons are also in the hands of the Decepticons.

Hound - "No doubt but nukes, you sure that the cons would use em?'

Jazz: Since they have already taken control of countries, I won't be surprised if they used those nuclear arsenals.

Optimus - "We have to see if we can verify they have the nukes first. Does anyone know a good operative to dive into con territory to check for us?"

Hawk: the Joes have infiltration teams, so take your pick.

Optimus - 'Can you send me their bio's so I can pick the best teams?"

Hawk: I will get you the list. We can have a task force for infiltration.

Jazz: Good to hear.

Optimus - "Then we can think even more strategically to our current predicament."

Lennox: I think we need to review our plan to rescue know...just in case?

Hawk: agreed.

Victor: [sets up a portable Hologram system, which shows the plan in full detail]

[The Joes and NEST members, as well as the FSOF and Autobots crowd the hologram screen]

Victor: We will enter Russia using the Repulsor Skyships, and then we will deploy in Full Force. The Autobots will be on the Skyships as backup and provide covering fire as the FSOF and the NEST forces descend. The Joes will provide a distraction from another part of the city while we storm in and grab Whitemore and the Cabinet.

Lennox: ...and then we put the medal on the pedal and get the hell out of there.

Hawk - "And we'd better get there fast!'

Duke - "Why General?"

Hawk - [turned on a satellite feed] "Because it looks like someone got there first."

Victor: Looks like the Decepticons have made their move, it's time for us to make ours.

Joes - "GO JOE!"

Lennox - 'N.E.S.T FALL ON OUT!"

[The Autobot Alliance all piled into their Repulsor Skyships, which ascended into the skies]

Transformers AlterVerse Drabble 04: Operation Rescue Eagle One Prelude End_
Transformers AlterVerse Drabble Roleplay 04: Operation Rescue Eagle One Prelude


COMMENT BEFORE YOU FAV. :iconcommentplz:

INSPIRATION TIME: Hours (more or less)
EQUIPMENT USED: Various Transformer comics, Transformer wiki, More than meets the Eye guidebook, The ultimate Transformer guidebook information and consultation, as well as character data and storylines data from Taiya001ís page.


Transformers AlterVerse Drabble Roleplay 04: Operation Rescue Eage One Prelude

(Note: The drabbles take place in a series of time frames after TFAV Chapter Arraignment and Answers and before the TFAV Chapter named Rescue Prez.)

TFAV Table of Contents: [link]

TFAV Tvtropes Page: (In progress) [Spoiler Alert]

My Comments on this particular Roleplay:

This roleplay was taken to explore what happened on the Autobot side before TFAV Rescue Prez as :icontaiya001: 's stories normally focus on the Decepticon side. This also provides some insight on the various interactions between the Autobots and their human partners, as well as those allied to them, as seen from the special task force NEST and the Global Integrated Joint Operations Entity named GI JOE. Due to the fact that most of the comments are suggested by :icontaiya001: , I am almost sure that she would be taking most of these scenes as canon. GI JOE was vaguely referenced in some parts of the TFAV story, but was never written in full, and this Roleplay gave them some lines and explored some of their characters. I took the liberty of adding a few extra references to :icontaiya001: 's TFAV story, especially on the previous chapters and the future chapters, as seen from the story roleplay. There is the product of countless referencing, as well as reading to stay true to Transformers lore and TFAV storyline details.

I also asked :icontaiya001: to help with the character details and the various conversations taking place within this roleplay. Some of the characters are mentioned before in TF The Calm before the Storm, and it can be read from here: [link]

I am still trying to find time to type it out as a full story, but that would have to wait for another time. I promise to get to it as soon as I can. In the meantime, I hope you have fun with the picking out of Transformers References and the various loads of characters inside. Please Enjoy. I have fun with this myself. XD XD

Constructive comments and ideas appreciated. More to come on them if I have time to write and type them out in future...please do tell me if there is anything missing or unfinished, because I would not like to offend anyone and invite flamers. Thank you for the support and help in advance.

P.S. There are references to many others TFAV Chapters. Please find them all if you are capable.


1) Operation Pinwheel was mentioned in the previous TFAV chapters, as part of Mark McAlister's plan to destroy the Middle East.

2) The GI JOES (Global Integrated Joint Operations Entity) make their first appearance fully in this Roleplay, despite some of their characters being referenced or vaguely mentioned in the previous chapters. They later provide much needed firepower against the Russian Army during the Rescue Prez Operation.

3) In this timeline, Lennox did not take out Blackout in the battle for mission city, and Scorponok wounded Figuora, but Figuora survived. Ironhide died in the battle at Shanghai, as seen from this TFAV chapter: [link]

4) Zartan was mentioned briefly during the talk at THE PIT. The Joes also discussed an operation to get one of the SOL Satellites control laptops with undercover agents.

5) Special Agent John, Dominique, Steven, Diana, Rex and Viral are all briefly introduced in TF The Calm before the Storm: [ Read it here [link] ] They are part of a special task force created by Victor Keys to counter Decepticon threats with high tech and powerful weaponry...and their name is FSOF. (First Special Operations Forces)

6) Pyro mentioned something about space bridges on Earth. While the Decepticons have the Terra Transport Module, the Autobots have better Energon. Wheeljack and Perceptor are creating a "Groundbridge" (refer to TF Prime) to allow the Autobots to respond to con threats around the world more quickly.

7) Whitemore has asked Victor once to implement a homing beacon on his suit in the past. This homing beacon is what led the Strike Force to Whitemore during TFAV Rescue Prez.

8) The Mobile Suits created by KeysTech Corporation saw action later in the story during TFAV Rescue Prez. This Roleplay is more or less their first appearance.

9) There are mentions of the Autobot Alliance knowing that Mark's plans to take over the American Government, but they are unable to do anything due to the amount of political power he wields.

10) Optimus Prime has dissolved the Senate using his powers as Prime, and has changed the entire Autobot Ideology from the Senate to: Truth, Freedom and Justice.

11) The Decepticons have managed to convert many nations to their cause, and among them are Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Georgia, Malaysia, a lot of the island nations. Many European countries and Japan may also sign a charter with them...which backs the Decepticons with funds and weaponry.

12) The Satellite feed near the ending shows the Decepticon Strike force led by the Humanicons delpoying from a Terra Transport Module...which takes place during Rescue Prez. Please read the full story at TFAV Rescue Prez.


There are still more interviews and character profiles coming on, but as I am still working on them, they will take quite some time before they are finished. I will be uploading more in the near future, after finishing my assignments and projects.

WHITEMORE by Universal Studios
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I'd like to see Ultra Magnus and Astrotrain get into a fight.
victortky Featured By Owner Apr 3, 2011
I see
Nortstar Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011
that was so awosme too ^^
victortky Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2011
glad you like more to come.
Taiya001 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Nice job on the clean up too. ^+^ Sounds better
victortky Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
Glad you like. Please read and enjoy.

Also I hope you can spot the references to the other chapters you have written.

I am also adding my comments and the notes below later.
Taiya001 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I did :huggle::tighthug::D
and cool. ^+^ I will be sure to read
victortky Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
please do tell me your thoughts on it.

I will reedit this soon...when I matched the references and the details.

more RPs to come.

Oh Drab 03 has some changes in the artists comments please read.
Taiya001 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh so that's what changed. ^^ Thanks for the heads up

^^; Well what else can I add? I did this RP with you so I dont have any particularly different views from the time I did this.
victortky Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
please do take a look at RP 03 and see the notes I have added.

Well, if any changes is needed, I am more than ready to change them XD

re-edits coming soon
Taiya001 Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Will do
and another will do

victortky Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2011
more to come as usual. I am sure this RP is canon to your story.
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