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"That's right. That is what a soldier is all about, yes they go to war, yes they have to end people's lives for the greater good, but is it really for peace or is it a political reason these people need to die? I was told by an old general a while ago that he would rather live in a world without the need for generals, soldiers, or wars."

– Victor Keys, when talking to James McAlister about the dangers that await humanity in the inevitable upcoming war and about his scar that defines him as one of the McAlisters.

Planet Earth_

1340 Hours_
20 June_
Year 2009 A.D._
Talamone, Italy_
Residence of Matthew Chagon_
One year ago_

(The events of this Roleplay takes place after TFAV Russian Roulette [Parts 1, 2 and 3] and before TFAV Aftermath.)

~Talamone, a small Italian town in Italy, One year ago~

~ The silver-white Lamborigini Reventon sped through the streets of Italy; leaving a maelstrom of dust and air currents in its wake. ~

Victor: [comlink] Ah yes...I have having a meeting with an old friend cancel my meetings for the week.

Serina: [comlink] Orders acknowledged, Victor Keys.

~The Lamborgini Reventon pulled up on a nice two storey house situated by the sea, having a breathtaking seaside view behind the house. Victor got out of his car, pulled out a large briefcase with the KeysTech logo on it~

~he knocked at the door, which opened and an old man, apparently in his sixties and clad in home wear, took a good look at him~

Victor: General has been a long time.

General Chagon: has been indeed a long time, welcome to my humble home, Victor Keys. Come in, come in.

Grace: (Chagon's wife): "her voice rang from the kitchen" Matthew? Who is that?

Chagon: Just an old friend. Grace, I would be at the balcony with Victor Keys. Would you be kind enough to bring him some refreshment and snacks?

Grace: Okay dear, whatever you say...

~as the two reacquainted friends were seated at the balcony's chair and tables~

Chagon: What do I owe to this visit?

Victor: I was nearby for attending to some economic business, and thought I might just drop by to check up on you and your family.

Chagon: Come on Victor, can't be that simple ain't it? My instincts tell me there is more to just your visit. I remember I owe you a favour once, after you saved me by creating a medicine that cured my cancer, so that I can enjoy life with my family and children. Come clean with me Victor, I know you are here for something else.

Victor: Guess you know me quite well then. I need a favour from you.

Chagon: How could I say no to the brilliant bio-engineer that saved my life?

Grace - {walks in and puts down tea and biscotti biscuits with some cheese and fresh fruit} "Well I see you two are heavy in thought but hopefully this can help with that." {kisses Chacon before leaving}

Chagon - "So what is it that I can do for you?"

Victor: I require your expertise on some matters that were bugging me. "opens his briefcase and fished out his laptop, and tapped a few keys on the keyboard" What much do you know about the McAlister family?

Chagon: McAlister? That family has been legend among the higher-ups in the US army. What kind of information do you want to seek about them?

Victor: As much as you can give me. "calls up a couple of programs on his laptop, which flashes up a series of photographs"

Chagon: You sure have made some interesting adversaries indeed... [points at the people captured on the KeysTech photos one by one] that's Mr Guron, Mark's zealot supporter and funds his projects in the US Army, also a wealthy businessman. That's Mr Angelos, Mark's mole in the British intelligence, and advisor to the Prime Minister of Britain. That's Mr Karov, Mark's supporter in Russia, and owner of most of the gold mines in the world, and also a baron. That's Mr White, telecommunications giant owner and faithful supporter of Mark when it comes to politics...and that's Mr Joseph...I do not know what he does, but he apparently has fingers in the hierarchy of the White House, and does not leave any fingerprints...

Victor: You know them all? "a little surprised"

Chagon: You have not been keeping military and political secrets as long as I am. Information is power...and when you know about your enemies, you can grab them by the neck. I can't say anything more, but all I know is that the McAlister family is powerful as they have stretched their influence in every possible sector in the White House, ranging from economy, military and even politically. If you want to go up against them, you better be prepared for an all out war.

Victor: I know it's dangerous to face them, as Mark's supporters were everywhere. But if I could dig up evidence, I could at least buy time to prevent a conflict between the nations of Earth.

Chagon: I am not doubting your abilities Victor, but I must caution you...the wall have ears, and should you slip up somewhere, anywhere, you could be in grave danger.

Victor: Do you have any contacts I could use? Any informants that you trust?

Chagon: "types in a long string of names and code numbers into Victor's laptop" These are all the contacts I know. I hope they would be of help to you.

Chacon - "I was told also to check the records from Ireland's and Scotland. Something tells me that their line goes back further then is on the surface. You know McCullen right?"

Victor - "Yes the owner of M.A.R.S."

Chagon - "Seems his grandfather was directly in leagues with McAlister family."

Victor: Interesting...that's why Mark has so many connections and influence in the M.A.R.S. industry sector...

Chagon: Precisely. Before I retired, I began to notice that McCullen was frequently visiting the pentagon and NATO to promote his weaponry and vehicles, as well as technology and gadgets to the various world governments. As usual, most of the generals there purchased his defense products for their own countries. Made a great amount of money I must say...

Victor: Yes, MARS was one of the greatest competitors of KeysTech, even until now.

Chagon: For your information, M.A.R.S. controls over half of the world's weaponry and ammunition stores, as well as creating bomb shelters and missile warheads. They own a monopoly in the Private Military Companies Sector, as well as supplying arms and vehicles to the Middle East.

Victor: I know, hence the reason why M.A.R.S. was suspected of supplying factions in the Middle East with state of the art weaponry and systems. But they got away with it though...

Chagon: Correct. War has become a good source of income today. Can you imagine what will happen if war disappeared overnight? Millions of people will become jobless and hundreds of companies will become bankrupt.

Victor: Possibly, as many companies and people support the war effort around the globe. How do you get to know all these? You have contacts inside MARS Corporation?

Chagon: A few, but they are the higher-ups in the Corporation, and they supplied me with the information I need due to the favours they owe me.

Chagon - "I can give you as many contacts as I can. I can see if I can get the contacts I know back online. It has been years." [got up and started to dig through an old briefcase]

Victor - "Any way I can help you?"

Chagon - "No, no, I have it." [digging through the briefcase with efficiency]

Chagon: "pulls out an external hard drive" it is. "Hands it to Victor"

Victor: Thank you. It helps a lot.

Chagon: Here are all the contacts that I have in M.A.R.S. as well as the collected information on them when I was still in service. I think the information within here would be of more use to you than me.

Chagon - "Maybe even you can find out how General Salazar died. My bet is that if you can get to McCullen you may find out what happened to him. Seeing as M.A.R.S is the only lab that makes micro toxins too small to be detected by normal tox-screen."

Victor - "You think poison?"

Chagon - "Yes, McAlister may own a lot but some holes remain. And don't be afraid to ask for my help again. I always want to help an old friend."

Victor: Thank you for the information. You have done me a great service, Mr Chacon. "turns the hard drive in his hands"

Chagon: I know Gen. Salazar since my service in the army. And from what I know, he was posted along to Sector 7, apparently in a division that controls top secret projects. I do not know what that division is called, but it's very secretive and its commanders answer to Mark McAlister himself only.

Victor: There are secret divisions in sector 7? I suspected so when I read the NBE 1 files...

Chagon: They do exist. There were so many that I lost count, but the prominent ones were geared towards capturing cybertronians and reverse-engineering weaponry technology from NBE-1.

Victor: But then...did the American Government say anything?

Chagon: They did not know. Apparently Mark McAlister covered it up due to his influence. I highly suspect he has a secretive division of sector 7 that was under his command only. When I retired, I was paid a hefty sum of money and forced to sign several papers, which included the Official Secrets Act. But then I know these secrets would be out sooner or later.

Victor: That would be plausible...seeing how Mark wants to capture the transformers.

Chagon: Victor, [he reached out and took Victor's hands], I don't know why I am telling you this, but I entrust you with these information. I was unable to reach balance with this world when I was a general, killing people in wars that threaten America, and yet I am enjoying life now while their families were weeping for their dead? This isn't what generals were supposed to do.

Victor: I know...generals were supposed to protect their country and seek a way to end the wars once and for all.

Chagon: Yes...but all we did was kill and kill. I bark an order, and men died. I point at a location, and the troops killed everything there. This isn't what I want to do. I signed up for the army to protect the country so that the future generations can see what the future holds for them...not destroy the worlds in wars that would render our future generations senseless and aggressive.

Victor: I understand you point, Mr Chacon, but in order to achieve that, you have already done your part by stopping the wars in the past. You have done your duty. Now it's time for me to do mine.

Chagon: [gripped Victor's hand] Thank you, Victor. You are the only person who has seen through my thoughts. I am sure you can reach balance with the fulfill what I could not do.

Chagon - "I just wish the other generals of the world would get that as well. With people like Mark around it will be impossible for the world to breathe a wind of peace. I feel shamed to know that I helped him achieve Colonel status while I was in the Pentagon."

Victor - "Well, not to worry, I plan on making his end fast and hard."

Chagon - "Just promise me one thing Victor. Don't kill James for his father's mistake."

Victor: I have seen good in him, so don't worry. I promise.

Chagon - "We generals have stood back for too long letting one generation corrupt the next. I fear for the boy myself. I wonder what evil manipulative thing Mark will resort to in order to get James to do what he wants."

Victor: it's only a matter of time. I hope I can save him before it's too late.

Chagon - "You are very bright, and most of all you listen to not only this [taps Victor's head] but this as well [taps Victor in the chest] That is why people trust you. The only advice I can give is to listen first then respond."

Victor: Thank you for the advice general Chagon, I am honoured to receive it. [chacon smiles]

Chagon: [knotted his fingers] Generals fight for the greater good, but we often ask ourselves, what is it that we are fighting for? Is there a certain reason for people to die so that we can achieve total peace? Or is it something else? I am still searching for the answer.

Victor: There's only one answer for this, and that is we fight for what is yet to come, and for the peaceful world in which future generations that have yet been born to live in. "he looked at chacon in the eye"

Chagon: [smiled] A wise answer. I personally would rather live in a world without the need for generals, soldiers or wars, and experience the peace in which everyone could savour and continue to treasure, before passing it off to the future generations.

Victor: I understand.

Chagon - "I have tried to convince others but my words mean nothing now to them. The younger generations just tell me I am not realistic and that I have lost my will to fight. McAlister laughed in my face in front of the other generals when he heard me."

Victor - [gave a sad face]

Chagon - "He said he was happy to replace me as I, according to him "did not deserve my stars".

Victor: I seriously think he lacks a humanity bone.

Chagon: Come to think of it, he doesn't have any humour.

Victor: A deadpan sense of humour perhaps?

Chagon: I doubt that too, perhaps a sadistic one.

Victor: Point taken, so what did you do when he said that?

Chagon: I ripped off the stars on my general's coat and threw them at his face, before stomping out of his office. Must have been the best thing I have done since the day I served under him. I handed in my resignation immediately afterwards.

Victor: You really told him where to stick it.

Chagon - "I did. [he smiled] But I have to wonder if I lost the respect I once had when I was a fpur star. The other generals called me crazy for flipping out. But I felt it had to be done. Bush was more then happy to see me go and to keep his prized warmonger instead."

Victor - "They had no right to call you crazy. You had to follow your heart."

Chagon - "That's what I said. But a few of the subordinates had looks of fear in their eyes when I left. I feel that I left them to the hound you know?"

Victor: I understand. I met some of them before in the pentagon. They speak highly of you even until now.

Chagon: That's good to hear.

Chagon - "I hope that I have left at least a small amount willing to tell Mark no. But I hear that did not work out so well for General Qualcom."

Victor - "I am shaky to the details but I hear he finally told Mark no and he was arrested and will be tried in a military tribunal."

Chagcon - "That is not good. With the judges in Mark's pocket it will be impossible for Qualcom to fight."

Victor: hence the reason that we must be cautious and play by his rules for now

Chagon – "nod" "Just remember that you've always got a crazy old general on your side."

Victor - "I will and you aren't old."

Chagon - "I am 77 years old. But I do hope I can help you and anyone else who needs it."

Victor: Again my thanks. I will call you up when I need anything else.

Chagon: You are welcome. "shakes hand with Victor" Good luck on your investigation. I think you will need it.

Victor: I will need all the luck I can get. "smiles"

Grace: "walking up into the balcony" Would you like to stay for dinner? We can both talk about the good old times.

Victor: sure, I will like to.

~on the mountain ridge near the small city~

Runabout: Why did Starscream give us this babysitting job of watching this damn human?

Runamuck: Beats me, but he even pulled me off spying on the CIA to spy on the CEO of the KeysTech Corporation.

Thundercracker: [tapped his optics to magnify what he was seeing] Wait, he was given a hard drive...that must have been invaluable to the US military...

Runamuck - "Things just got a lot more interesting."

Thundercracker - "Indeed, shall we investigate further?"

Runabout - "Yes, but we should keep some distance to ensure he does not see us."

Thundercracker - "10-4 to that."

Runabout & Runamuck: Roger that.

Thundercracker: Did Megatron authorise this mission by the way?

Runabout: nope, it was all Starscream's idea.

Runamuck: I am so many cycles of waiting and I felt my processors glitch. What's so great about this human engineer anyway?

Thundercracker - 'Starscream says he is of use to us."

Runabout - "But why?"

Runamuck - "Beats me, aww well best just to do what Starcream wants so he doesn't kill us."

Runabout: I am so going to give him a piece of my processor when this is over...

Thundercracker: I am getting tired of star's throwing his weight around too.

Runamuck: Whatever, now we tail him.

~Much later, 1645 Hours~

~Streets of Italy, aboard Victor's personal Lamborigini Reventon~

Serina: [comlink] I have processed the information from the hard drive uploaded in my data banks, it has been highly informative. It answers many questions about the McAlister family and the M.A.R.S. Corporation's illegal operations.

Victor: anything unusual?

Serina: [comlink] I will need approximately 2 hours to process the additional files. I will notify you of the results when you return.

Victor: Good. The more evidence I can get from the witnesses, the sooner I can find Mark's weakness.

Serina: [comlink] Orders acknowledged, Victor Keys. [She paused to scan the area] Sir, I have detected three unusual signatures in the region. Their energy readings do not match any human vehicle.

Victor: [sees the two sports cars parked near an intersection...and then he spotted the tell-tale sign of a symbol, a Decepticon symbol] Serina, I think I am in a bit of a fix now. Scramble a KeysTech Heavy Typhoon gunship for me. I will try to lose them.

Serina: Orders acknowledged.

Victor: "stamped on the accelerator and the Lamborigini Reventon shot through the streets"

~Skies of Italy~

Thundercracker: Target is on the move, and he's driving a little fast for his speed...

Runabout: [comlink] which means?


Runamuck: [comlink] oh blast. Should we grab the human or the hard drive?

Thundercracker: BOTH YOU SLAGGERS! Starscream will have my head for this!

~The Battlechargers immediately pursued the Lamborigini Reventon, weaving through the crowded streets traffic~

Thundercracker - "I'LL CATCH HIM AT THE PASS!"

Runamuck - "10-4 [He says as he crashes into cars in his way]

Runabout - "I'll try to flank him in."

Thundercracker - "3 way hit he will have no where to go."

~The Battlechargers crashed through the crowds of cars and trucks on the freeway, while Thundercracker deployed a sonic boom to scatter the traffic~

Runabout: A symphony of destruction Runamuck!

Runamuck: Music to my audio receptors Runabout!

[The Battlchargers' sports car alternate modes slid apart to reveal 50 caliber machine guns, plasma blasters, missile launchers and ramming plates as they pursued the escaping Lamborigini Reventon car, decimating every other vehicle in the freeway]

Serina: Victor, the Decepticons are arming weapons.

Victor: Switch to auto pilot. Time to use Wheeljack's upgrades.

Serina: Acknowledged, Victor Keys.

~At the intersection~

[A police officer was drinking a cup of coffee when the Lamborigini Reventon shot past him, followed by two ridiculously looking cars armed with weapons, and he threw aside his coffee and slammed the alarm. Immediately, several armoured police cars shot out and chased after the battlechargers]

Runamuck - "This human is fun to chase isn't he Runabout?"


Thundercracker - "Guys I think that human may try something, don't hot slag it!"

~just then, many armoured SUVs manned by the Italian police crashed into the highway, firing at the two battlechargers~

Italian Police Officer: [radio] Two sport cars carrying dangerous weaponry were loose on the highway! They are heading for the intersection a few miles out!

Thundercracker - [shoots at them]

Police - [swerve to avoid rounds]

Runabout - "They want to play!? FINE!" [Does a 180 and revved up his plasma cannons]

Runabout: [fired his plasma cannons and blew one police SUV into the air and crashing into a bunch of trees, while bullets bounced off his thick armoured hull]

Runamuck: HE'S GETTING AWAY! "fires missiles that decimated other vehicles in the highway"

TC - "NO HE ISNT!" [launches liquid nitrogen chemical bombs at Victor's car to stall it]

Runabout - [moves ahead to try and help pin him down]

Serina: Liquid nitrogen bombs detected.

Victor: Activate wheeljack's countermeasures.

Serina: Acknowledged.

~The silver car spun through the explosions of liquid nitrogen, and missing Runabout by inches as it shot down the streets, with bullets and missiles chasing it~


Runabout - "You ain't getting away from me." [transforms and jumps up high and starts running on buildings]

Runamuck - "Catch him off at the curve Runabout."

[Runabout jumped as the Lamborigini Reventon car spun around the curve, but missed when Victor literally drifted at the curve, instead crashing into two police SUVs that were coming round it]

Runamuck: Slag this! "fires a missile that streaked past the Lamborigini Reventon car and instead hit another police SUV blowing it to bits and pieces"

Victor: That was too close...

Special Agent Viral: [comlink] Commander. I am inbound in your position. Get to a clear zone so I can extract you.

Victor: Sure, if I can lose the Decepticons chasing me.

Viral: roger that. I will see what I can do.

TC - "We need more support!'

Runabout - "NO WE DONT! I'VE GOT HIM!" [dives to grab hold of Reventon]

Runamuck - "I've got to get around this traffic!"

~The Reventon slanted sideways at the last moment, and Runabout was hit by an incoming truck~

Runamuck: slag! "crashed cars and trucks out of his way"

Runabout - [gets blasted into a building. a few minutes pass and he gets up and brushes off rubble] "THAT DOCTOR IS SO DEAD!" [transforms and heads off to the chase]

TC - "he wants it that way eh?" [rockets several sonic blasting missiles into the area and when detonated they blast out every window and boom sends shockwaves through the city]

[The Reventon shot down the streets, with the shockwaves chasing it and sent vehicles flying everywhere]

Victor: The Decepticons really want the Hard Drive...

Serina: Either that or you.

Victor: Or both. But I have a surprise for them.

TC - "AAARRRRGGGGHHHH! CANT ANYTHING HIT THIS HUMAN? That does it, I am calling in Starscream."

Runabout - "If we could just clear O_O. . . THUNDERCRACKER CREATE A BARRICADE!"

TC - 'I copy." [Thundercracker launches missiles to bring down buildings in Victor's way]

Victor: Serina?

Serina: Acknowledged.

[Immediately, the Reventon's behind slid open to open boosters that propel it out of harm's way and onto a secondary route]

TC - [Calls Starscream] 'Starscream we are not able to handle this alone. WE NEED THE OTHER SEEKERS!"

Runabout & Runamuck - [stuck behind barricade of debris]

Starscream: [through comlink] WHAT? YOU CAN'T EVEN CAPTURE A SINGLE HUMAN?

Thundercracker: You tell me! His car is giving me a processor-ache!

Starscream: I don't care! By hook or by crook, you better get me the hard drive and the human! Preferably the hard drive!

Thundercracker: Why don't you do it yourself?

Starscream: You owe me, remember?

Thundercracker: Slag…it!

[Meanwhile, Runabout and Runamuck transformed back to their robot forms, ran across an intersection before transforming back into their vehicle forms to pursue Victor. The police SUVs, however, were stuck at the debris]

Runabout - [takes a side road to get the drop onto Victor's car]

Runamuch - [shots some lamp posts down to block Victor's path]

Tc - [zooms out ahead and flips around to get a lock on Victor's car]

~The Reventon shot through the roads, heading for the bridge that intersects the two Italian cities, with the Decepticons in hot pursuit~

Viral: I am minutes away from you position.

Victor: Good. Because the Decepticons aren't giving up either.

Serina: [chimed a reply] Hard drive data sent to KeysTech complete.

Victor: "Ejected and tosses the hard drive out of the window"

TC - {continues his pursuit of the Reventon}

Runabout - {Transforms and goes to grab the hard drive}

Runamuck - [follows Thundercracker]

Victor: Serina, time to get out of here.

[He ejected an additional thumbdrive from his onboard laptop and stored it into his pocket, and initiated a countermeasure to wipe out the laptop's hard drive, before grabbing his briefcase and stopping the Reventon at the bridge. He then ran out towards the long end of the bridge as fast as his legs would carry him.]

TC - [lands in front of Victor while Runamuck takes the back] "You aren't going anywhere."

Runamuck – [transformed] "We don't have to make this messy."

Victor: [smirked] Really? If you want me, you have to get me. [he jumped off the bridge]

TC and Runamuck: [shocked look on their faces]

~only to see Victor landing on something coming out of the water, which turned out to be a heavily armed Typhoon Gunship piloted by his loyal agent Special Agent Viral~

Victor: [lands behind Viral, who sealed the cockpit behind him] Agent Viral, it's time to scratch your itchy trigger finger.

Viral: My pleasure. "thumbs the missiles and chainguns buttons on her joystick"

TC – [shocked look on his face] 'I think it's time to go guys."


Runamuck - "No!" [jumps off bridge to try and grab hold on to the dropship]

TC - "RUNAMUCK! Runabout, get the hard drive out of here!'

Viral: You are not the only beings with a big gun, Decepticons.

[She opens fire with the gunship's arsenal of missiles and chainguns.]

Runabout - [drives into heavily populated areas to create a shield]

Runamuck - "SHEEEAAKKK!" {as countless armour piercing bullets hit him and his grip of the dropship loosened and he fell into the water}

TC - [fires back with his null-ray blasters, only for them to bounce off the dropship's armour harmlessly]

[The Gunship let loose of a salvo of missiles, which hit Thundercracker and sent him crashing into a canal, narrowly missing the tourists on boats, while specially designed armour piercing rounds punched holes in the Battlechargers and pockmarked the roads. Viral thumbed the pulse cannons (like those in Rrise of Cobra) and two blue pulse blasts sent both Runabout and Runamuck crashing into an empty parking lot.]

Victor: [tapped Viral on the shoulder] Time we weren't here!

Viral: [smiled] Those Decepticons won't be causing global anarchy for a while.

[The Gunship turned and shot off at supersonic speeds, leaving the battered Decepticons in a daze]


TC - "We got the hard drive but, Damn flesh creature got away."

Star - "YOU IDIOTS!!!!"

Runamuck - "Please Starscream stop screaming, my processor aches like a rust covered optic."

Runabout - "Same here."

Starscream: the hard drive intact?

TC: yes seems to be so...

Runabout: Remind me never to accept a mission from Starscream again.

Runamuck: I suppose so.

TC - "So you gonna send some pick up or are you just going to let us get killed?"

Star - "Fine."

Runabout - "Bring a repair kit."

~The Decepticons transformed and slipped quietly into the Italian City, and all was left of the incident was a partially devastated city, several hundred mangled vehicles, lots of wounded humans, and a very puzzled Italian Police~

~Italian Police HQ~

Police Officer: Captain...we have sightings of Decepticon activity. It has been confirmed.

Captain: Show me.

Police Officer: "lays a series of photographs on the table" These were taken just 20 minutes ago, near street 67A-34G. There's also a F22 Raptor involved but not in the colours of the Italian Armed Forces, and what's even more interesting...was this. "lays the photo of the large gunship"

Captain - [looked at it wide eyed] "Just what is it and who was aboard it?"

Officer - "We are looking into it now. The Decepticons were known as Thundercracker, Runabout, and Runamuck. We have contacted central Autobot command in America sir."

Captain - 'I want to talk to Optimus Prime. And also inform our president as well."

Officer: Yes sir. [saluted and left]

Captain: [picks up the phone and dialed a number] This is the Captain Fregos of Talamone Italian Police. I need a direct link with Autobot City...yes...I need to speak with the Autobot Commander Optimus Prime.

[Autobot City Command Hub, Colorado]

Mirage - "Optimus Prime, we have an incoming transmission!"

Op - "Yes Mirage?"

Mirage - 'It's a call from an Italian police station, he says he had some con activity this afternoon."

Optimus: I will take it. Put it on main screen.

[A holographic screen opened up and established a connection with the police station]

Optimus: This is Optimus Prime speaking, please tell me what happened.

Captain - "Three cons were in pursuit of an unknown vehicle that we are now processing for information. They attacked our city and appeared to be chasing the unknown vehicle. We need Autobot reinforcements to ensure our security, Optimus Prime."

Optimus: I will send a strike team of Throttlebots to help reinforce Italy. Until that time, you can give me all the data and photographs. I will need to look through them. Can you tell me what the unknown vehicle is?

Captain - 'A Reventon, Of course. We have it in custody, and our forensic groups are currently investigating. Can you give me your link so I can send you the files?"

Optimus - [gives Wheeljack his approval]

Captain - "Starting uplink now.' [he sent Optimus the files]

[The Autobots gathered around as they saw the files appear on the main screen.]

Optimus: Hmm...I will look into this and give you a favourable reply. [thinking: Isn't that Victor's Reventon?] The Throttlebots will be deployed and ready for any response by tomorrow.

Captain: Thank You. We look forward to your reply.

Optimus: Autobot Commander Optimus Prime, out.

[Later, Autobot City Command Hub]

Optimus - "If the Decepticons are in this, I wonder what they would want with Victor...

Bumblebee - "Maybe it has something to do with the Mindlockers? Capture him he can engineer a solution."

Jazz: Can't be...the Mindlockers are in prototype stage...I doubt even Victor has engineered a solution yet, but that's just me.

Optimus: I need to speak with him when he returns.

Bumblebee: Optimus! [points to the KeysTech Gunship landing on one of the pads of Autobot City]

Optimus- [goes out to see Victor] "Victor, are you in Italy by any chance? We got word of Decepticon activity there and reports of seeing a Reventon."

Victor: I can answer your questions, but I may need to speak with you privately Optimus, with Jazz and Ironhide.

Optimus: I see. Perhaps we can talk more when we are in Autobot City.

[They go into the central control room of the city]

Optimus - "Okay what can you tell us?"

Victor: To cut it short, I went to see an old friend of mine, who gave me a hard drive, and then I got into chase with the Decepticons, only saved by my loyal agent Viral in her gunship, and I managed to find that mark has more political power and influence than the mafia.

Optimus - 'How big are we talking, a few levels?"

Victor - "More like all levels."

Jazz - "Say what? What do you mean by all levels?"

Victor: [flips open his laptop and slotted in the thumbdrive that contained all the information from the hard drive that Chagon gave him, which flashed the result]

Jazz: By the sacred spires of Cybertron...he has supporters everywhere!

Optimus - "150 family members! They reach into every tier of the government. I have never seen such an infiltration issue."

Jazz - "Every government agency, every branch, this is just wrong. How come no one has found out?"

Victor: I doubt so...Mark has supporters everywhere to cover up his family's operations and actions.

Jazz: That makes sense...and this is plain mass infiltration!

Optimus - "No wonder the government can't get rid of him, he has every single resource needed to evade detection."

Jazz - "No kidding, look at this 20 out of 100 senators are McAlisters alone."

Victor: there is too much political and military influence to keep them in the it would be hard to push them out. We would have a hard time to combat the family...unless we have some powerful allies.

Jazz - "But who knows if those allies aren't McAlisters. I don't know guys, maybe it's impossible."

Optimus - "Jazz, Since when have you been the pessimistic one?"

Jazz: I am not the pessimistic one, but this is beyond my scope of expertise. Last time I have such a case was a criminal gang in Kaon. But this is nothing I have ever seen.

Prowl: Does have a point. In order to take this family down, we have to hit all the family members and their allies at once...but given their influence, it's near impossible.

Optimus - "It would have to be the biggest undertaking we have ever done."

Jazz - "This ain't gonna be easy. Not with Mark's power and weapons."

Victor: indeed, so I have some evidence here now, but I would just need one last piece of the puzzle to fit in the rest. Which is as many witnesses as I can get. This would help me greatly.

Jazz: Make sense to me. I agree with your method.

Optimus - "That will be a problem. Remember what Simmons told us, every witness is killed."

Jazz - "Oh yeah...but we have to try."

Prowl: I recommend that we lie low and gather as much info as possible...after that, we seek out the available witnesses and then bring down Mark and his family all at once.

Jazz: For once, I agree with you Prowl.

Prowl - "I am going to take a look into General Salazar's death, I have a feeling Mark did something."

Jazz - "And the mysterious "suicide" of Colonel Barton."

Jazz: I can ask Captain Fanzone for help. He has a wide database on the generals and their contacts.

Prowl: What about Zoe's brother Zex? He's working in the military isn't he?

Optimus: I think we should keep this off the books, carefully piecing the evidence together before we present it to the present. With enough evidence, we can take the McAlister family down before it's too late.

Prowl - "I see, last thing we need is a connection to KeysTech. It would be looked at as an undercover coup or something by Mark."

Optimus - "Victor, should I show this to Whitmore?"

Victor: I don't think so. We need enough evidence before we can take the McAlister family now.

Optimus - "I see. Sometimes I feel that man cannot see his one nose in front of him. Why can't he see that Mark is untrustworthy?"

Victor: [crosses his arms] No, it's just that Mark's family and his work has been so perfect that no one questions their authority. Those who questioned are either silenced or dismissed.

Optimus - "But how can perfection cause truth to be covered. I always thought that the truth shines bright no matter how one tries to hide it."

Victor: The McAlister Family has political and influences everywhere. The McAlister family has extensive contacts around the world. Their family is both politically and economically connected so there would be cover-ups for their deeds no matter what happens.

Optimus - "Who is responsible for this? This can't be just Marks plan. No way he could have done this in 30 years. Do you have any thoughts Victor?"

Victor: Very simple, his family stretches back many years... [calls up a hologram by Teletran One, showing the McAlister family, which stretches out like a road map] ...and he has many supporters and allies, who are willing to support them no matter the cost.

Optimus - "You're right, look here. Marcus McAlister, he must have been the first recorded in history. Nothing past him."

Victor: He has connections we must tread carefully if we want to take him down...

Jazz: I never seen a family so deeply ingrained into history, not even the Decepticons.

Jazz - "The whole family is nothing more than a bunch of rusted bolts."

Optimus - 'I would not say that, James is helping us."

Victor: James is helping us, but it is dangerous in the sense that if he slips up somewhere, we might as well kicked a beehive full of McAlisters.

Jazz - "Now I'm going on a limb but, you think Taiya would help us, considering how much she is spending with that family? Seeing how close she can get in with Melvin."

Prowl: I doubt so...she's a Decepticon supporter, and this is highly sensitive material the Decepticons could use to their advantage to cripple one of the superpower nations on Earth.

Victor: I agree. Perhaps we can only use her at arm's length, but I don't trust someone who supports the deception of the Decepticons.

Jazz - "Hey, had to ask. You humans got a saying you know, an enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Optimus - "You're right on that regard, McAlister is making it hard for all of us."

Victor: [crossed his fingers and thought about it] I can ask her for help, but then it's like a time bomb waiting to explode if she uncovers any sensitive information about the Autobots and the American forces. But if we are careful, we can pull it off.

Optimus: A slim chance is better than no chance at all, I agree with you Victor.

Jazz - "Hey chill, this is all McAlister work."

Optimus - "Indeed, with more eyes, we get more information."

Optimus: Then it is decided, Victor will give Jazz a copy of whatever data I have dug up. Prowl will compile the data and find the connections. We will all meet again when we have enough evidence and witnesses.

Everyone: "nodded their heads"

Optimus: Dismissed. Teletran one, delete everything pertaining to today's conversation in the briefing room A-1.

Teletran One: Acknowledged, Optimus Prime.

[The occupants of the meeting room left, and the Teleran One shut off the lights, engulfing the room in darkness.]

~Off the Coast of Italy, aboard Tidal Wave~

Starscream: [scowling under his breath] I take it you have the hard drive?

Runabout: Yeah [throws the hard drive to Starscream] but the data's all gone. The good doctor must have deleted everything when he threw it out of the Reventon.

Starscream - "I should be able to reformat the deleted data and retrieve the codes."

Runabout - "Why do you want that thing any way?"

Starscream: The information on this hard drive can help us eliminate the leaders of the American Military as well as their supporters, and without their leaders, America would be - to use a local term - a headless snake. I am sure of it, and I have been keeping an optic on this doctor for a while now. He's an interesting person, and we can perhaps make use of him when we have the chance.

TC - 'I see. So basically we are your errand boys?"

Runabout - 'YEAH! I don't like getting my aft served up by a human!"

Starscream: Whine all you want, you owe me a favour once when I spoke up for you three in front of I guess you owe me one. And besides, all of you three got your afts handed to you by a human...and his gunship. [he tossed the hard drive from one hand to another]

TC - 'If you would get your lousy lazy aft into high gear and would stop trying to overthrow Megatron, WE WOULDNT BE IN THIS MESS!"

Runabout: You aren't like that a few million meta-cycles were among the founding members of the Decepticons.

Runamuck: I heard it was you and soundwave who freed Megatron and your seekers during the Kaon uprising.

Star - "Of course I helped save him!"

TC - "LIAR! You only wanted the Allspark to yourself!"

Starscream: No, because Megatron lost sight of the Decepticon cause.

The Battlechargers: LIAR!  Megatron is the very embodiment of the Decepticon cause!

Tc - 'He never has!"

Star - "He left you guys remember. He doesn't give a slag about any of us. I say we take this opportunity to strike!"

Thundercracker: If you think you are so good Starscream, take your shot at Megatron. You have betrayed him so many times, and even until now he has seen through all your plans.

Battlechargers: Indeed. [They patched each other up with the repair kit.]

Starscream - 'Do I look stupid?"

Tc - "Maybe."

Starscream - "Perhaps one day, but for now, I've got work to do.'

Thundercracker: so you are telling megatron about this operation?

Starscream: No, and if anyone of you let slip of would be silenced...permanently.

Runabout - [whispered to Runamuck] "Like he can do anything."

Runamuck: but we would be disciplined by Megatron if he ever tried to blackmail us...

Runabout - "True. Good point."

Runamuck: But we all know that Megatron does not like Starscream running operations behind his back...

TC - [whispers to him] "That's why we have to gather enough information to get star out."

Runamuck: What do you have?

TC - "None yet, that's why we have to start making a case file."

Runabout: Good to hear. I can't wait to go back and serve Megatron than Starscream.

Runamuck - 'Anything not to serve captain slag."

Runabout: Talk about serving a two faced traitor...

Runamuck and Thundercracker: "nodded their heads"

[Later, Starscream's private Quarters aboard the Nemesis]

Starscream  - [waiting for the data to be reformatted] "Crap doctor, crap soldiers, WHEN I AM LEADER I WILL NOT HAVE TO RESORT TO USING THOSE WREAKERS!"

Nemesis Computer: System error. Data cannot be retrieved.

Starscream: "bangs his fists on the table"

Starscream - "Use coding system Ulit-Echo. Cross every known programming code and use variant cross analysation."

Nemesis Computer: Command Confirmed.

Computer: Analysing...system data corrupted beyond repair, however one file has been retrieved. It has connection to the McAlister family.

Starscream – "show data."

[The computer flashed up the file, and Starscream smiled. This data could come in handy should the McAlisters come into power. If they want to kill the Decepticons, he would kill their family one by one.]

Starscream - "And this can also help me with Megatron if he ever wants to kill me. I can trade this for my spark."

Starscream: All I need is a single moment for me to put this to good use. [rubs his palms together and laughed evilly, and made a copy of the information.]

[Later, Somewhere else in the Nemesis, Megatron's Quarters]


Starscream – [sweating in fear]


Starscream - 'Lord Megatron, I was trying to apprehend Victor Keys to assist us in getting a counter program to the Mindlockers."

Megatron: And for that you have the Battlechargers and Thundercracker crashing through streets and highways just to capture a human? You just broke the infiltration protocol, and now the Autobots have sent reinforcements to help Italy, and even their president has agreed to help them!

Starscream - "Sir measures must be taken before more of our troops get taken into their clutches! I was only thinking of our team!"

Megatron: And why did you approve this operation under my sensors? [grabs starscream by the throat] I DON'T LIKE DECEPTICONS WORKING BEHIND MY BACK!

Starscream - "Sir-I-was-only-trying-to-help. I-was-trying-to-surprise-you-with-a-victory."



Megatron: Then I will give you one last chance. Find me a way to get our comrades back BEFORE I VAPORISE YOUR SORRY AFT AND THROW IT OUT OF THE AIRLOCK!

Starscream: WAIT! I HAVE A SOLUTION! [takes out the data-cube he has copied from the stolen hard drive]

Megatron - {swipes data-cube from Starscream] "What is this?"

Starscream - "It's really interesting. It shows secrets of the McAlister family line."

Megatron: Really? [throws it to soundwave] show me.

Soundwave: As you command, Lord Megatron.

Megatron: This would help us if we want to take out this family from top to bottom as well as their allies.

Starscream - "And with one of our own in the mist of them we can know where they will be at the right moments."

Megatron - "Indeed. Maybe this wasn't such a failure as I thought.'

Megatron: Soundwave...what are your suggestions? Is the facsimile project ready? We could clone a copy of a McAlister, and input him or her as a sleeper agent.

Soundwave - "Sadly Megatron preliminary results of cloning have failed. The clones are too defective."

Megatron - 'Time to get Arkeville up on it on full. We need human subjects."

Soundwave: As you command, Lord Megatron.

Megatron: [turned to Starscream] light of your recent efforts, I shall overlook this...for now. I warn you though, any operation that includes my Decepticons would need to be approved by me. I will not tolerate another incident like this. AM I CLEAR?

Starscream: Of course...Lord crystal.

Megatron: You are dismissed. [turned his back at Starscream and waved his hand, gesturing at the door]

Megatron - "Now go get me some test subjects."

Starscream - 'Me?'


Starscream: Your wish is my command, Lord Megatron.

Megatron: Now get out of my sight.

[Starscream left, mumbling curses under his breath quietly so megatron does not hear]

Megatron: [to soundwave] we need to accelerate our plans soon...this world is ripe for picking...and I am making sure I don't make the same mistake as I did on other planets...

Soundwave - "Solution to earth issue can be resolved most effectively with the Allspark. With it we would not need to worry thinking of any ramifications against our captured team mates as revival can be done with the cube's power. Now is anything else required of me?"

Megatron: You may proceed with your duties.

Soundwave: As you command, Lord Megatron. [he left]

Megatron: [to himself] Once I get the allspark...I will make sure every one of those who oppose me dies... [evil laugh]


Megatron: [laughs manically as his evil laughs echoed down the halls of the nemesis]

Transformers AlterVerse Drabble 05: Seeking Answers End_
Transformers AlterVerse Drabble Roleplay 05: Seeking Answers.


COMMENT BEFORE YOU FAV. :iconcommentplz:

INSPIRATION TIME: Hours (more or less)
EQUIPMENT USED: Various Transformer comics, Transformer wiki, More than meets the Eye guidebook, The ultimate Transformer guidebook information and consultation, as well as character data and storylines data from Taiya001ís page.


Transformers AlterVerse Drabble Roleplay 05: Seeking Answers

(Note: The events of this Roleplay takes place after TFAV Russian Roulette [Parts 1, 2 and 3] and before TFAV Aftermath.)

TFAV Table of Contents: [link]

TFAV Tvtropes Page: (In progress) [Spoiler Alert]

My Comments on this particular Roleplay:

This roleplay was taken to explore what happened on the Autobot side before TFAV Rescue Prez as :icontaiya001: 's stories normally focus on the Decepticon side. In this Roleplay, Victor Keys (my OC) has been given some crucial information by Agent Simmons and hence he seeked out one of his old contacts to gather more information on Mark McAlister and his family. However, the Decepticons somehow intercepted the information and hence were deployed to capture him. Due to the fact that most of the comments are suggested by :icontaiya001: , I am almost sure that she would be taking most of these scenes as canon. This story also introduces another Special Agent of FSOF (First Special Operation Forces), Special Agent Viral, who plays an important role in the stories to come in this Transformers Series for the Autobot Side. It also explores a bit of Starscream's relationships with the rank-and-file Decepticons as well as Megatron. I took the liberty of adding a few extra references to :icontaiya001: 's TFAV story, especially on the previous chapters and the future chapters, as seen from the story roleplay. This is the product of countless referencing, as well as reading to stay true to Transformers lore and TFAV storyline details.

I also asked :icontaiya001: to help with the character details and the various conversations taking place within this roleplay. Some of the characters are mentioned before in TF The Calm before the Storm, and it can be read from here: [link]

I am still trying to find time to type it out as a full story, but that would have to wait for another time. I promise to get to it as soon as I can. In the meantime, I hope you have fun with the picking out of Transformers References and the various loads of characters inside. Please Enjoy. I have fun with this myself. XD XD

Constructive comments and ideas appreciated. More to come on them if I have time to write and type them out in future...please do tell me if there is anything missing or unfinished, because I would not like to offend anyone and invite flamers. Thank you for the support and help in advance.

P.S. There are references to many others TFAV Chapters. Please find them all if you are capable.


1) The quote from the top comes from TFAV Aftermath, where Victor Keys was talking to James McAlister about helping him in bringing down Mark McAlister and his corrupt family. The full conversation can be found here: [link]

2) General Chagon has been referenced in TFAV Memoirs by Optimus Prime's Datatrack. This roleplay gives insight on what happened when he was serving with Mark McAlister and why he owes a favour to Victor Keys. The TFAV reference story can be read here: [link]

3) As mentioned in the Roleplay, Mark McAlister has supporters everywhere, from countries advisors to businessmen. And his family is also both politically and economically protected.

4) The Owner of M.A.R.S. industries, McCullen, who came from Scotland, is directly in league with the McAlister family. (heck, their names even sound the same) Could this be related to COBRA? And that's the reason why the US Army uses the majority of M.A.R.S. weaponry and products.

5) General Salazar died under mysterious circumstances, and it could be linked to the micro toxins made by the M.A.R.S. industries. Chagon also hinted at Mark's personal private army in Sector 7, which was later known as Section 56. More details about Section 56 can be found in TFAV The Calm before the Storm part 6: [link]

6) General Chagon worked his way through the ranks to protect the country he loved, not wage wars against others to render the future generations senseless and aggressive, which is a wide gap indeed. He also pleaded with Victor to spare James as there was good in him.

7) Chagon: [smiled] A wise answer. I personally would rather live in a world without the need for generals, soldiers or wars, and experience the peace in which everyone could savour and continue to treasure, before passing it off to the future generations.

This is the quote that was mentioned in TFAV Aftermath by Victor Keys, and it was first coined here by General Chagon.

8) General Chagon had a falling out with Mark McAlister over their ideologies, and hence the former left the latter by throwing his general stars on the face. Supporters of Chagon were either arrested under false charges or dismissed. Chagon was lucky to escape.

9) Runabout has been spying on Victor Keys since the events of TFAV The Calm before the Storm, as seen here: [link]

10) The chase scene bears resemblance to the chase scene from Transformers IDW Infiltration, where Runabout, Runamuck and Thundercracker chasing Ratchet with his human allies. The chase scene was significantly more action packed due to Wheeljack's efforts in helping Victor Keys to modify his Reventon.

11) The KeysTech Typhoon Gunship is the pride and joy of FSOF Special Agent Viral. An heavily armed dropship/gunship hybrid, with missiles and chainguns, as well as pulse cannons, it is an aircraft to be reckoned with. The Decepticons learned it the hard way in this story. [Note: Pulse cannons are reference to Rise of Cobra]

12) Jazz has been a security officer in Kaon before the war. But he had not seen such a extensive family influence deeply ingrained in humanity...yet. Information about this has been seen in various TFAV chapters, scattered throughout the entire story.

13) Colonel Barton died after giving information to Mark McAlister through torture. The story about this can be read in TF The Wrath of McAlister: [link]

14) The Autobots have agreed to help Victor Keys in his plan to stop the McAlister family before it's too late, as seen in this Roleplay. More of their efforts could be seen in the other TFAV chapters, as they race against time to prevent a catastrophe.

15) Starscream has been trying to seize power from Megatron since the past, and all failed, and hence few Decepticons trust him. He was also a founding member of the Decepticons (reference to Megatron Origin by IDW)

16) Through his analysis with the stolen hard drive, Starscream has the entire detailed family information of the McAlister Family. He used this to good effect later in the story.

17) Megatron wanted a Facsimile construct (From IDW Transformer Series) to be created and used as a sleeper agent to infiltrate the McAlister family, but due to defective clones, this may be quite difficult.

18) Megatron has given an order for Starscream to get him some test subjects for cloning. However, this story plotline remains to be seen in future stories.

19) Soundwave has recommened capture of the Allspark, which Megatron agreed, and hence led to the increased Decepticon attacks later in the other story chapters.

20) Guess Megatron haven't changed much in the countless years...he still wants Optimus dead.


There are still more interviews and character profiles coming on, but as I am still working on them, they will take quite some time before they are finished. I will be uploading more in the near future, after finishing my assignments and projects.

WHITEMORE by Universal Studios
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