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February 16, 2011
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Transformers AlterVerse Timeline

Important Note: Measured in Earth Years, this is a rough guide to many crucial events involving the Cybertronians, the Nebulans, the Seraphims and the Quintessons, that happened before and during the Great War, eventually leading to the events on Earth which involved humanity. These events stretch over a vast amount of time. Please do take notice that most of the events mentioned here occurred at the same time as the Great War of Cybertron and beyond.

As information about the ancient times has been scattered and inconclusive, most details in this Timeline have been gathered from the Covenant of Primus (in the possession of Alpha Trion) and the history records of Vector Sigma. Additional details will be added soon to explain the events between the time gaps between the major events.

Ancient Era:

[Approx. 15 Billion Years BCE (Before Common Era)] – The Universe was created. The Forces of Darkness and Light exist in perfect equilibrium. Until…

[Unknown Time] – Unicron was born by the Forces of Darkness in a bid to drown the universe in darkness and death. The Forces of Light countered by creating Primus, a multi-universal entity, to combat Unicron and the Forces of Darkness.

[Unknown Time] – Primus and Unicron fought in a titanic battle that ripped apart the cosmos. Knowing he could not win by power alone, Primus won by tricking and then imprisoning Unicron and himself in planet-sized rocks, effectively rendering both helpless and powerless.

[Unknown Time] – Primus became the habitable planet known as Cybertron. Unicron became the planet eater that will devour other worlds for energy for eons to come.

[Unknown Time] – In response to the threat of Unicron, Primus created the First 13 Transformers to combat Unicron. The First 13 Transformers were led by Prima, the first Prime born from Primus's Spark, who wields the legendary Star Saber with the Matrix of Leadership at its hilt. It was believed that many of Primus's warriors, ancient Cybertronians such as Gigatron, Omega Supreme, Metroplex and Trypticon, were created at this time. The Seraphims, at that time known as the Ancient Ones, fought alongside them.

"We are the 13, the first, the forgotten, each of us serving a function vital to the universe. Each of us designated a Prime and given a Function to serve by Primus, the Lord of Light, during the long march of infinity."

– The Words of Vector Prime, one of the Original 13 Transformers, guardian of the space-time continuum, Unknown Years ago.

[Unknown Time] – Unicron was defeated and vanished to points unknown. Primus thought Unicron was gone, but decided to take precautions in the event of his return. He initiated the universal galactic seeding initiative. Unicron, however, was not yet defeated, and was regenerating his powers to take on Primus.

"Unicron has not been seen nor heard of for some eons, but if his return is imminent, as I fear, the consequences would be catastrophic."

– The Words of Primus regarding his brother Unicron, Unknown Years ago.

[Unknown Time] – Primus seeded many planets with life, hoping to form armies that will fight Unicron upon his return. After many botched attempts, he destroyed those unsuccessful creations but never gave up on his task of creating life. Among his successful creations were the Transformers, the Nebulans and surprisingly, the Seraphims and Humanity.

[Unknown Time] – Primus knew that the 13 Transformers were not enough to combat Unicron's forces of evil, so he took it upon himself to create a race of intergalactic peacekeepers that will take his place to fight Unicron's dark armies even when he was gone. This army of peacekeepers eventually became the Seraphims after Primus used a large part of his remaining power (after creating the Allspark) to terraform their planet and grant them extraordinary elemental powers.

"They shall be my peacekeepers, the angels that give their Seed embers to me. Like Rectified Energon shall I mould them in my image, and in the fires of diplomacy and conflict shall polish them. They shall be of indomitable will and powerful forms, each granted with a special power through their seed embers. In mystical beast forms shall I clad them, and with the mightiest weapons shall I give them. They will bring peace and cooperation through the stars in my image, and they will be untouched by neither sickness nor disease. They will have a spanning empire to rule, with tactics and strategies so advanced that few other can best should the need arises for them to fight in battles. They are my army besides the Cybertronians against the forces of Unicron and his consuming darkness. They are the defenders of the universe, they are the Seraphims, and they shall know no fear."

– The Words of Hyperion (aka Primus), during his creation of the Seraphims, Unknown Years ago.

[Unknown Time] – Primus created the Cybertronians from his body and placed the Allspark in his stead on Cybertron. He left the 13 Transformers to build an Empire under his commands. Primus also took another form as a Being of Light, and guided the Seraphims into building a spanning domain. The Seraphims worship him as Hyperion, the being that gave birth to them and acts a light to guide them through the times of woe.

[Unknown Time] – The Dynasty of Primes was formed by the 13 Original Transformers. Alpha Trion was created as an Archivist to document their exploits and deeds. Another sub-species known as the Seekers were created to find suns to harvest Energon from, using the Solar harvester created by Nova Prime.

[Unknown Time] – The Cybertronians exist peacefully with the Universe, and peace was restored. Vector Prime, one of the 13 Original Transformers, visited the Seraphims in Primus's name and formed a friendship with them unknown to the rest of the Primes. The Dynasty of Primes found Earth and its natives, and Nova Prime built a back-up Solar Harvester on it, with the intent of transforming Earth into another Cybertron.

[Unknown Time] – A noble Prime, known as Megatronus Prime, was corrupted and succumbed to Unicron, turning on his brothers and Primus. Megatronus dispatched many Seekers to locate the Matrix of Leadership, and returned to Cybertron to wipe out the rest of the Dynasty. He killed many Cybertronians (including Solus Prime) with his armies and gave himself a baptism in "blood", thus starting the rebellion. Forever thereafter known as the Fallen, he betrayed Primus and the Forces of Light to Unicron and the Forces of Darkness. After another titanic battle, the Fallen was imprisoned along with Unicron after Prima wounded the Fallen severely with his Star Saber, allowing Nova Prime to seal the weakened Fallen away at the cost of his spark. With the battle narrowly won and the threat over for now, Primus returned to deep slumber to regain his lost powers.

"You know you cannot escape me Primus. I will hound you across the dimensions if I must, until every dimension has collapsed onto itself. I will hunt you, and I will find you, and when I find you… [holds up a clenched fist] …I shall see, what the Light Gods have sequestered inside the body of the so-called Lord of Light."

– The Words of Unicron the Destroyer, before his retreat into the void after the universal battle, Unknown Years ago.

[Unknown Time] – After the conflict and without the guidance of Primus, the remaining Primes argued among themselves. Open conflict soon broke out, and many left Cybertron, leaving only Alpha Trion, Nexus Prime, Prima, and Vector Prime. Nexus Prime agreed to be separated into five separate Transformers to hide the remaining pieces of the Star Saber under the advice of Vector Prime and Prima. Alpha Trion did the separation himself.

Entrusting their Legacy to Alpha Trion and a certain orphan hidden within Cybertron, the remaining Primes exchanged their final words and parted ways forever. The secret that various races that Primus made was forever forgotten, and no word of them or the Seraphims nor the Nebulans or even Humanity was mentioned ever again. The Matrix of Leadership, relinquished by Prima, was left untouched and eventually was lost, perhaps taken by being (or beings) unknown.

[Unknown Time] – The Transformers inherit Cybertron, and formed a civilization known as the Cybertronians. The back-up solar harvester was left derelict on Earth, and was eventually hidden by Humanity.

[Unknown Time] – Vector Prime withdraws from the linear universe, observing the passage of time across the multiverse from outside of the timeline. Prima vanished without a trace soon after.  The Dynasty of Primes was dissolved by Alpha Trion.

[Unknown Time] - The forgotten era of the Transformers. No records exist of this event, save for the secrets locked away in a golden disk in the Chamber of Ancients. [Location: Classified]

On Sera Prime, the various Seraphim Clans fought among themselves in a Civil War known as the Age of Strife until the Soul Clan was formed.

[Millions of Years ago] – Alpha Trion reactivated the orphan hidden within Cybertron, and this orphan was known as Orion Pax (his nickname was Optronix), and took him in as a student. Alpha Trion oversaw the creation of the Cybertron Senate, the Autobot Civilization, and the eventual rise of Nominus Prime. It was also believed that Alchemist Prime, one of the 13 Original Transformers, helped in the creation of Cybertronian Society during this period of time, but he left in the twilight stages to hunt down the renegade Liege Maximo.

Omega Supreme consulted the various Cybertronians of each major state and chose Nominus Prime to become the first Prime since Cybertronian's ancient times. Alpha Trion voiced his increasing concerns over the choice of Prime, but were ignored.

On Sera Prime, The various Seraphim clans were united by the Soul Clan and formed the High Council in Arcadia Crystal City. It was believed that the major clans (Soul, Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Sun, Moon, Light, and Darkness) worked in harmony and built up their own individual citadels on the various continents from scratch.
Transformers AlterVerse Timeline Ancient Era


COMMENT BEFORE YOU FAV. :iconcommentplz:

INSPIRATION TIME: Hours (more or less)
EQUIPMENT USED: Various Transformer comics, Transformer wiki, More than meets the Eye guidebook, The ultimate Transformer guidebook information and consultation, as well as character data and storylines data from Taiya001ís page.


Transformers AlterVerse Timeline Ancient Era.

(Note: The events of this Timeline takes place before the Events of Earth [aka EOE] )

TFAV Table of Contents: [link]

TFAV Tvtropes Page: (In progress) [Spoiler Alert]

Personal Comments on this Transformers Timeline:

This is the first part to :icontaiya001: 's TFAV (Transformers AlterVerse) Continuity Transformers Series. As seen from the image used above, the Timeline is to provide background details on how the origins of the Cybertronians started, and the important battles of Primus and Unicron. It also details how the 13 Original Transformers were created, and how the Seraphims are also formed, as well as how the Fallen came about and then eventually the Cybertronian race.

I have taken the liberty of including many continuities references in this Timeline, ranging from the Original G1 Universe theory about Primus and Unicron, as well as the War for Cybertron continuity about Megatronus Prime and the Origins of Alpha Trion. Another thing to note is that I have also taken a few bits of information from the marvel Transformers Series, as seen from the Light Gods and Dark the Forces of Light and Darkness.

The reason I wrote this Timeline is to flesh out the backstory of the TFAV Universe, as well as to explore the origins of the Anicent Era before our heroes and heroines came into existence. This also provides insight into Primus's thoughts and his various creations, and how the Cybertronians are fatefully linked with Humanity and the Seraphims.

Due to the fact that this Timeline is completely written by me, I am not sure whether :icontaiya001: and :iconsketchfan: will accept this as canon for the TFAV Continuity. One can hope however, as I have carefully added some of the details I have talked with :icontaiya001: over the story of Primus and Unicron before everything began. This piece of writing is the product of countless referencing, as well as reading to stay true to Transformers lore and TFAV storyline details.

I am still trying to find time to type it out as a full story, but that would have to wait for another time. I promise to get to it as soon as I can. In the meantime, I hope you have fun with the picking out of Transformers References and the various loads of characters inside. Please Enjoy. I have fun with this myself. XD XD

EDIT 01: [19/11/2011] Changed some grammertical errors and added some information about the 13 Original Transformers to expand on their actions and how those actions will shape the future.

Constuctive comments and ideas appreciated. More to come on them if I have time to write and type them out in future...please do tell me if there is anything missing or unfinished, because I would not like to offend anyone and invite flamers. Thank you for the support and help in advance.

My heartfelt thanks to :iconechowing: for his invaulable assistance in giving me advice on this Timeline.


There are still more interviews and character profiles coming on, but as I am still working on them, they will take quite some time before they are finished. I will be uploading more in the near future, after finishing my assignments and projects.

GIGATRON Concept by :icontaiya001:
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Marvelguru Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great read for minute I almost thought I was reading a compilation of the official history of Transformers. Still for a AU timeline this is nicely made a well thought out.
victortky Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2012
thank you, keep checking back for more additions.
FanGirlMary Featured By Owner Nov 22, 2011
Nice start! Is there any more to this?
victortky Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
LOTS more to come. Transformers AlterVerse is coming.

watch me for more updates.
FanGirlMary Featured By Owner Nov 23, 2011
That's awesome. :)
victortky Featured By Owner Nov 24, 2011
Tramp-Graphics Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011  Professional General Artist
OVer all, not bad, a few key points though, Primus and Unicron were created by the same being, an entity known as The One. Specifically, The One created a being known as Unicron, then split this being into two beings—Primus and Unicron; their purpose was to explore the multiverse and seed it with life. Unicron, however, would later seek to destroy all of creation. The whole "Light gods and Dark gods thing was abandoned, and even then, Primus and Unicron were originally established as being equal members of each respective group, rather than creations of them.

Secondly, The way you introduce Alpha Trion suggests you're not including him in the members of the Thirteen, even though he is one of their number. The same with Megatronus, (the Fallen). He too is one of their number, and the way you wrote him suggests otherwise. You might want to fix those issues.
victortky Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2011
Please note that this is a fan fiction of another continuity named Transformers AlterVerse, so there has been quite a number of changes to the story.

thank yoy for the pointers though
vampireslover Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
Okay this is just brilliant! This timeline is great in the way that it delves through the history and lore of creation relating to the various races created by Primus as well as providing some insight into the Prime Dynasty. Looking forward to more :)
victortky Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2011
thank you for liking it. Three more timelines coming!
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