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----------Section 7: The Righteous Justice_----------

199.2 Cycles aka1654 Hours_
28 June_
Bridge of Autobot Battlecruiser Righteous Justice_
In Transwarp space_ [[Per Operation: Containment Directive]]
Unknown coordinates near Sol System_
6 Days ago_

  Transwarp space was always blue and white. There was no other colour present inside it except blue and white. Whenever the Autobot Battlecruiser Righteous Justice goes into Transwarp space, every display screen save for the navigational and bridge control screens will display the blue and white colours of Transwarp space. Somehow, Autobot Commander Advocator does not get tired of it, even though he has seen it more than a billion times in his lifetime. To him, it was something extremely complex, perhaps far too complex for an average transformer’s processors to understand, and it was fascinating to know how Transwarp space works once your own cerebro-circuits managed to comprehend and compute the mathematics and astrophysics behind it. However, it was quite cerebro-circuitry boggling to fully understand Transwarp space, as there are more equations than words. Even if there were words, they were awfully difficult to recognize. So far, the only Autobot who could fully grasp the equations of Transwarp space was no other than Perceptor himself, and he often spend time preaching about those equation stuff to others, which often resulted in failure, as the rest of the Autobots were so incredibly bored and confused until they were forced to go offline in order to reboot their electronic minds. Advocator turns aside his optics from the display screens and took a quick look around the Righteous Justice Command Bridge. (or known to the crew as the RJCB)
  It was unusually quiet in the Command Bridge of the Righteous Justice in the past few cycles, except for the beeping and clicking sounds of the bridge computers working away on their assigned tasks. Most of the time (when the ship was in combat status), the Command Bridge would be a beehive of activity, especially when the crew have located any Decepticon spaceships (such as the Nemesis) or locked onto any Autobot energy signatures, since establishing the presence of the long-lost Ark was the utmost priority  of the special teams in Operation: Containment.
  But now the ark has been found, and the Autobots on board has been online and well, and now they are all living on a planet in the Sol System named Earth. Advocator has heard from other Autobots that they are planning to construct Autobot City on Earth, to provide a staging command post in the battle against the Decepticons around the galaxy. However, due to the fact the Autobots are stretched their forces too thin across the galaxy in their inter-galatic war, there was very little Elite Strike Teams to spare that can reach Earth. Except for a few, and one of them is the crew of the Righteous Justice.
  Ever since they have left Cybertron, the crew of the Righteous Justice had been fighting several Decepticons’ ships to prevent the expansion of the Decepticon Empire, and by far they were one of the most effective teams among all the special teams deployed in the massive operation. Not only that, they have foiled a Decepticon plan on destroying planets with an orbital cannon, thwarted their attempt on building a Decepticon Command Bunker in the Varus system, and even blowing up a Decepticon weaponry factory in the Centros system, among others. In addition, they were forcing the Decepticons to retreat with heavy losses. Now they were presently in Transwarp space awaiting orders for another mission from the Autobot Orbital Command Hub.
  The Command Bridge was spilt into different compartments, with computer screens and ship controls dominating the entire place. In addition, keyboards with holograms surrounded the bridge, and practically every wall has a screen. Except for those in front of the bridge, which displayed the Transwarp space outside the ship. Within those compartments, which consists of different stations including Navigation, Weapons, Communications and Ship Operations, sat some of the crew of Righteous Justice.
  Turbosound had set the Battlecruiser to autopilot mode, and he was now currently browsing through several thousand breems of mission data on their primary and secondary course of actions, as well as intelligence reports from other assault teams stationed around the universe. Skyfire was monitoring the displays of the ship’s engines and spectrums of the microwaves broadcasts in the ship’s systems. Cannonblower was supervising the computers for any signs of anomalies and inconsistency, while keeping an optic on the long range scanners. The rest of the crew were taking some time off in the Cryonic Regeneration (CR) chambers of the Battlecruiser, after the fights they have with the Decepticons in the past few Solar-cycles.  They got to need all the recharge they can get, as there are unexpected things that are coming sooner or later when they emerge from Transwarp space.
  Advocator clicked his command console and many holographic screens unfolded from their slots in his command chair and flashed up the faces of the other Commanders of the special teams from various parts of the universe. He glanced at the screens, which were receiving live feed of combat scenes with the Decepticons on various fronts taking place. There were several sit-reps (situational reports) and intel streaming in, while voices of the other Commanders resound into his audio-receptors.
  “…yes, we are proceeding to the next planet in the Kyros system for phase two of Operation: Containment, which is imperative because…”

  “…Decepticons have hit several planets in the Caros system. Autobot forces are in full retreat and requesting assistance from Autobot elite strike teams…”

  “…we have lost contact with Autobot special team Echo…must be the workings of the Decepticon’s jamming radar…just can’t get through the static…”

  “…we can’t hold back the tide! They just keep coming! Get out of there! *KABOOM* go…GO!! *FWUMM*…Pointblank…get out of there!! NOW!!...*CHOOM*…”

  “…Further tactical and logistical resources currently unavailable… I repeat… further tactical and logistical resources currently unavailable…relay new orders to Autobot special force Delta…”

  “…Decepticons have initiated construction of another Command Bunker in the Ecos system…threat level undetermined in that particular planet…”

  “…I have zipped all the data in the Decepticon databanks to you. You will receive it in a few breems…and Autobot forces have uncovered a Decepticon computer cache in…”

  “…is anyone receiving my transmission? Anyone? ...this is an emergency crisis…”

  He read the reports while listening to the voices around him. “Decepticons never want to live forever, don’t they?” came a voice from beside him. Advocator turned and retracted two computer screens to reveal the Autobot behind the scene. It turned out to be Stargazer, an old friend of his, who also volunteered for the procedures that turned them from ordinary Autobots into a triple-changer and a six-changer respectively. “Hm? They are still the same despite the vorns that passed, ever since we have fought them in Iacon vorns ago. Oh, and I thought you are recharging in the chambers after the battle a few Mega-cycles previously?” replied Advocator as he tapped another computer panel, which brought up a cube of energon, and he drank it with a gulp. “I have been fully recharged, and besides, I am bored of nothing to do. Spare an energon cube?” Stargazer replied while watching the live feed of the cross-galactic warfare rage on the screens. “Whatever.” Advocator answered as he tossed an extra energon cube to Stargazer, and returned to the holographic screens and scrolling datatracks.
  Turbosound was busy reading away breems of data when his Command Console beeped and a Alpha-Priority pulsewave program appeared on his personal computer screen. The words that flashed on the pop-up program were simple, yet straightforward. In fact, it only consisted of a few short sentences, but these essential words carry the emergency message over with no problem at all.


From: Optimus Prime
To: All Autobot Elite Strike Teams near Sol System
Message: Decepticon Infiltration Unit detected on Earth. Threat Level Undetermined. All nearby Autobot Elite Strike Teams are hereby to cease all original operations and reach Earth at best speed as reinforcements. All Elite Strike Teams are to enact Autobot Code of Interplanetary Conflict immediately.


  Turbosound’s metal fingers danced across the computer controls, and the screen flashed rapidly as if the computer was trying to keep up with him. A fraction of a klik later, the computer console flashed up a final report that bewildered Turbosound and Skyfire, who the latter was walking past Turbosound and also saw the Alpha-Piority Pulsewave.

“This is a direct order from Optimus Prime, Leader of the Autobots.”

  “ Commander!” Turbosound swiveled his seat and stood up. “I have a new orders from Autobot Command. We are to reinforce the Ark’s crew on a planet named Earth, as there is a Decepticon Infiltration Unit there.” Advocator immediately leaned forward on his command chair, so sudden that the chair bumped into Stargazer, who choked on the energon drink he was drinking. “You have got WHAT? Has this been verified?” He asked. “Yes sir. The signal from the pulsewave message matches the Ark’s signal with 100% match. There is no doubt, it IS the crew of the Ark that is ordering us to cease all original operations and head to Earth at best speed. We have tried to establish contact with the Ark and it confirms the pulsewave sent to us. Action?” answered Turbosound.
  Upon hearing Turbosound’s report, Advocator instantaneously gave rapid-fire orders. “Stargazer, wake up the rest of the crew from the CR chambers and get them geared up for combat situations. Assemble them in the Righteous Justice’s War Room in four cycles. Skyfire, make sure all systems of the Righteous Justice are online and ready, we are needing them as soon as we reach Earth to investigate. Cannonblower, patch a link as fast as possible to the Ark, try to get it through. I want to know what happened to the crew on Earth, it seems we have some catching up to do. Turbosound…plot a course for planet EARTH.” Within seconds, the assembled crew scrambled to their stations and make ready for the mission. Turbosound even ejected his cassettes to help out in the bridge controls and computers. Within seconds, the Command Bridge was a furry of activity.
  “Advocator?” came a voice beside him. Advocator turned his head and saw Stargazer standing beside him. “Yes, is there anything you don’t understand?” he replied. “No, but I know that this mission would be tough, as there is too little intel on the Deceptions’ threat level and locations. We would not even know if we are walking into a trap set up by the Decepticons. Do you ever get the feeling that there’s the potential there for things may get much, much worse? Like…some things we may have overlooked in our haste?” Stargazer said apprehensively.
  “Yes.” he responded. “And…I am waiting for it.” He then focused his attention to the computer screens in front of him while Stargazer left the Command Bridge to execute Advocator’s orders to the rest of the crew. With its engines roaring at full power, the Righteous Justice turned and made the jump through Transwarp space, streaking towards Earth.

----------Section 8: The Imperative Meeting_----------

144.6 Cycles a.k.a. 1200 Hours_
30 June_
Year 2010 A.D._
United States of America_
State of Colorado, Area designated 101_
Autobot City Command Hub (a.k.a. A.C.C.B.)_
Landing Pad 16_
4 Days ago_

  The Autobots and the humans they have requested to be present were all waiting at the main landing pad for the Righteous Justice to arrive. Sleek shapes of the Autobot strike cruisers blotted out the sun as they set a direct course for Autobot City after clearing the atmosphere of Earth. Behind them, the large size of the Righteous Justice Autobot warship appeared and flew gracefully across the mountains, closely escorted by many airborne Autobots and their individual spaceships. If you think that the ark is big enough, it would be dwarfed by the sheer size of the Righteous Justice. Trying to compare them would be like comparing a tiger to an elephant, in terms of size. Huge and bulky, with a large command bridge that spans the front with a secondary bridge below, and bristling with armaments and various other systems that rivals even the legendary ark, the Righteous Justice was the pride and joy of the Autobot fleets. Optimus Prime watched as the large spaceship parted the clouds and descended through the mountains and treetops as it made its way to Autobot City.
  Equally impressive was the crew of Autobots, whose battle skills and victories were legends and models of inspiration for the Autobot troopers around the universe. Kup has even once mentioned that it was the crew of the Righteous Justice that has saved his spark a few times, and it was also them who pushed back the Deception forces on many other planets. Without their help and the Wreckers, the Autobots’ resistance against the Decepticons would have been destroyed years ago. In a nutshell, the crew of the Righteous Justice was like an elite commando group of the Autobots, who were sent in whenever and wherever the stench of any escalating war was brewing.
  The engines of the Righteous Justice roared and sent shockwaves of air currents in all directions, causing trees to lean against one another and leaves to fly in the wind as it landed gently on one of the many landing pads on the Autobot City Command Hub. Its deployed landing gear eased slowly into the locks on the pad and the large docking clamps were attached as soon as the massive spaceship locked into place. The other escort ships landed on the other landing pads, and their crew all poured out after the blast doors of the spaceships hissed opened, walking down from the various ships.
  Optimus has definitely pulled lots of veterans from the frontlines around the universe to reinforce Earth and the surrounding systems. There was Springer, Commander of the Wreckers and hero of a thousand battles, and an old friend of Optimus, and experience has it that he was the one who accompanied Optimus through many battles across the galaxy. There was Drift, a master swordsbot with his two trusty swords and Commander of the Stealth Assault Group. It was said he could cut off your head within a blink of an eye and can take on multiple enemies with no problem at all. There was Jetfire, a cybertronian genius and a combat specialist in aerial attacks. He was the one who was the creator of many weapons of the Autobots and his intelligence was rumoured to surpass even Preceptor and Wheeljack. There were even the giant Autobots like Omega Supreme and Metroplex, who were brought in from Cybertron to provide additional needed support and firepower to bolster the defenses of the Autobot forces on Earth. The sight of so many veterans of the Great War surprised many of the humans, and the arrival of so many warships of the cybertronians fascinated them.
  Optimus Prime instead focused his optics on the blast doors of the Righteous Justice, determined to see his most trusted warrior and fellow Autobot again. He has called the Righteous Justice from the far reaches of space in order to augment the ranks of the Autobot forces on Earth, and this particular Autobot was his first choice, even until now. He has pulled this Autobot out from the frontlines and requested the reinforcement of Earth with his troops, which was immediately agreed upon, and now the Righteous Justice with the fleet of Autobot warships were immediately on their way to Earth.
  The blast doors hissed open with a discharge of smoke and vacuum, and a trio of Autobots (followed closely by other members of the crew) appeared in the space which was empty a few seconds ago. All were pretty large Autobots, as their sizes were incredibly large that they stood higher than even Optimus Prime and Ironhide. They were all seasoned veterans, and fought on a thousand battlefields with other Autobot Strike Teams in order to stop the expansion of the Decepticon Empire, and survived to live and fight another day. They have also faced Megatron and his lieutenants and survived the encounters, which makes them the respected heroes of the Autobot armies.
  On the left was a mammoth green and brown futuristic tank-looking Transformer known as Cannonblower. He was built boxy, bulky and heavily armoured, and has the face with blue optics that spells out “if you mess with me you will regret it” at any opponent he faces. Trained under Kup at the Autobot Academy before the war, he was a warrior with a knack for battles, and he was armed with enough weapons that could make a Decepticon look like slag. He has faced more Decepticons that any other Autobot could count, and was renowned for his awesome firepower in the field of battle. It was even said that he held an army of Decepticons at bay for three hours unaided in an evacuation attempt for the Autobot forces in the Tesura system, thus saving the sparks of many of his comrades and fellow Autobot fighters.
  On the right was a sleek silver and gold Transformer, who looked like a spaceship and a aerospace jet fighter mixed together to form something completely new. He somehow bears resemblance to the Decepticon Astrotrain, but just much bigger and far more intimidating. Thoroughly well armoured and possessing the ability to use pure energon to power his weapons, coupled with his innovative moves and tactics, he proved to be a match for any Decepticon, and hence the reason why Megatron once offered him a place in the Decepticons, but that was flatly rejected. His face had a battle mask, but it was retracted now since it was not used now, thus revealing a face that was honed and trained through Meta-cycles of warfare around the universe against the Decepticon armies. This is Stargazer, aerial combatant and second-in-command of the Righteous Justice.
  The Autobot in the middle was a far different one than others, and he looks like he was made up of five different vehicles merged into a single individual. Standing higher than Optimus Prime and Grimlock and clad in silver, gold, blue and red colours, this Autobot’s armour shimmered and shone as he steps out into the sunlight. He has the features of an Aerospace fighter as his body, tank parts for his arms, spacecraft parts for his legs and siege carrier features at his rear. Two supersonic three-barreled Laser Cannons were latched onto his either arm, both retracted and unarmed as there was no use for them. A helmet concealing his face behind a visor was on his head, with two mini-laser blasters on either side of the helmet. Instead of having blue optics like other Autobots, this Autobot has optics of red, making him somewhat as intimidating as a Decepticon. This Autobot’s battle records were legendary, and he was mostly the Autobot’s answer to heavy Decepticon attacks. He was a head administrator at Autobot Command at Cybertron initially, but the Great War forced him to become a warrior, and now he was serving as one of Optimus Prime’s best commanders. He was so opposed to the Decepticons ideology that he underwent the sixchanger procedure to better help the Autobots in the Great War, and now he was literally a walking one robot battalion, earning the respect and fear of his allies and enemies alike. Without a shadow of a doubt, this was Advocator, Commander of the Righteous Justice.
  Advocator walked to the landing pad, with his large crew of Autobots around him, until he was in front of Optimus Prime and his sub-commanders. “Commander Advocator of the Righteous Justice Strike Team, reporting as ordered.” It was cut and paste formality. There was a pause for the command “At Ease” from Optimus Prime to be given, and then the clear shifting of weight into a more casual but still professional position. “Advocator…thank you for coming this quickly to Earth.  Your help is much appreciated by the Autobot chain of command.” Prime said as he shook hands tentatively with the heroic sixchanger Advocator. “Anytime Prime. My crew and I are proud to serve you in the war against the Decepticons. May I ask, how fares the situation on Earth? ” Advocator replied with a slight inclination of his head.  Optimus raised an optic brow and said, “As always, pretty problematic. It seems we have a lot of catching up to do.” He then spun on his heels and walked towards Autobot City, with the newly arrived groups of Autobots close behind him.


184.3 Cycles a.k.a. 1530 Hours_
Autobot City Command Hub (a.k.a. A.C.C.B.)_
Conflict Command Room_
3 Hours 30 Minutes later_

  The entire command structure of the Autobots on Earth sat at the large pentagon-shaped table once again, as they did every week at their own private meetings to discuss the state of the Great War against the Decepticons. Sometimes when it involves humans and their planet, they were present as well. As usual, the humans have their own table and chairs at the side of the large table, while the Autobots were at each side of the table, with their sub-commanders and subordinates beside them. Inevitably, there was an atmosphere of climbing tension in the entire room. Unlike all the meetings they have in the last few months, this particular meeting has a much darker mood among the humans and Autobots at the table. What they were discussing now could decide the fate of the Great War and the fate of Earth.
  A large holographic map was present in the middle of the table, and it was displaying the holograms of the known locations in galaxies the Autobots and Decepticons have waged war on. There was a smaller holographic image of Earth beside the larger image, with the danger zones highlighted in deep red, while the rest were all blue. Blue and red dots were scattered through the holograms, representing the combatants and their mission profile. Files, holographic tablets and papers were scattered around the large, and cubes of energon and coffee were left by the side as their drinkers were far too busy talking about the matters at hand than consuming the beverages.
  Of the Autobots present, there was Prowl, Ironhide, Bumblebee, Trailbreaker, Gears, Huffer, Bluestreak, Hound, Mirage, Perceptor, Wheeljack, Flak, Jetfire, Advocator, Cannonblower, Stargazer, Jazz, Optimus Prime, and a few chosen others such as Drift and Springer. Of the humans present, there was Lennox, Eeps, Figueroa, Sam, Mikaela, Sari, Fanzone, Melvin, Spike, Carly, Maggie, Glen, Yoshiro, Zoe and of course, Victor Keys. Lennox, Eeps and Figueroa were flown in from Iraq for this important meeting at Autobot Command. Maggie and Glen were reluctantly handed over to them after a brief (and alost threatening) talk with Sector 7. However, there were still some empty human chairs. Whitemore and McAlister could not be present due to some pressing matters at the United Earth Federation conference at Switzerland. Some Transformer-sized chairs were also empty as those commanders were unable to reach earth due to the wars on the many fronts around the universe. Nevertheless, the meeting went on as usual. The ones that were not present would have to be briefed at a later time.
  There were no smiles on any of the humans’ faces, only looks of concern and concentration as they looked at the notes Optimus has handed them. There was no exception for any of the Autobot sub-commanders either, as they were all scrutinizing the holographic tablets assigned to each of them carefully to avoid any misread details. Advocator has just finished explaining the status of the various Autobot forces in different parts of the universe, fighting the Great War against the Deceptions, and from what he has said, the current war was not going well for the Autobots, as the Decepticons have retaken several worlds and conquered several more galaxies for resources and expansion of their empire.
  A cloud of silence descended across the table, and it was a long arduous and grueling moment until Keys said quietly with a serious face, “Let me get this sorted out…according to commander Advocator, the Decepticons have conquered many worlds on the outer rim, and are now planning a full-scale invasion of Earth. You want more resources as well as additional armies of armed forces to bolster Earth’s defenses. In addition, you want to create a replacement Allspark to replace the real one until the original Allspark can be found. I am afraid this is nearing the word impossible.” Optimus Prime put down his display tablet, turned his face towards Victor and said, “I know this is almost impossible, but for the sake of Earth, we need you all humans to be united as one to repel the imminent Decepticon threat. Also, the Allspark MUST be found, or our race and planet is forever doomed.”
  Lennox cut in, “Prime, I know you need the Earth’s armed forces to bolster the defenses, but there are not many countries that will ally themselves with America now, and with the UEF keeping an eye on America, any request for arms or additional troops would be seen as an act of war.” Ironhide huffed at this comment while polishing the large laser rifle on his arm, but Lennox did not even spare a look in Ironhide’s direction. “About the replacement Allspark, it would be impossible to make a new one. The reason for this is because of two things: One, materials and details of the Allspark are little, and two, making a new Allspark will need as many sparks as the entire Cybertronian race to be consumed to produce even a single one. In short, to make a new Allspark, every Transformer will die inevitably in the creation.” Keys added, his voice barely a whisper, as he ticked off two of his fingers. “My team also reached the same conclusion.” Doctor Yoshiro answered in a calm voice, despite it was almost obvious that his voice was slightly cracking around the edges.
  Optimus Prime rubbed his temple, and said, “Perhaps that is far too risky to be attempted. That plan about the replacement Allspark would be aborted and scrubbed. Looks like we have to search for the girl with the real missing Allspark after all. And it seems that my lieutenants and I would need to pay a visit to the UEF Headquarters after all.” He glanced at Jazz and Prowl, who nodded their heads in approval. “Honestly, I don’t think that’s a good idea, there are many countries that rejected the very existence of Transformers.” Fanzone said as he crossed his arms. “Don’t worry about that, my dad’s security forces would protect you all the way, so there is no need for that concern.” replied Melvin in response. Prime nodded his head in appreciation in return.
  “So Captain Fanzone, what have you found out about the missing girl?” Jazz asked. Fanzone replied, “In short, I managed to find a record in the police archives about her a few days ago. Her name is Taiya Dalton of the Dalton family. She was rumored to be one of the few who survived a close encounter with the Decepticons. Other than that, I do not know anything else, not even her family or relatives. Except that she has a brother, Stephen Dalton. Her records in the government have been erased, and it seems someone wants her to cease existing…perhaps even permanently.” Prowl’s face could be a statue of concentration as he thought about the information he received. In his reaction, he said he would deploy more Autobots to search for the girl, and Fanzone also pledged his support in finding Taiya Dalton as quickly as possible, because this exacting lead was a strong one to discovering something far bigger.
  Minutes later, before the humans leave, the Autobots each to pick a companion, as all the humans present were important people (except for Sam, who has Bumblebee), and must be protected against their enemies, especially Decepticons. Lennox was chosen by Ironhide, Mikaela was chosen by Arcee, Sari was chosen by Cliffjumper, Fanzone was chosen by Prowl, Spike and Carly took Gears and Hound, Maggie and Glen chose the twins (Sideswipe and Sunstreaker), Yoshiro was taken by Perceptor, Zoe was assigned to Stargazer and Victor Keys was placed under Advocator. Melvin has refused to have a partner, because he does not want an Autobot to accompany him everywhere he goes. Prime halfheartedly gave in to his request.
  After the humans have all left, the Autobots resumed their conversation about the state of the inter-galactic battle between the Cybertronians, and how to convince the UEF to send forces to help the Autobots capture the Decepticons on Earth and the defense of Earth against the nearly unstoppable wave of Decepticons that would be arriving on Earth’s doorstep inevitably. It was a question of WHEN they would arrive and WHERE they would strike from. Only time will tell.

COMMENT BEFORE YOU FAV. :iconcommentplz:

EQUIPMENT USED: Various Transformer comics, Transformer wiki, More than meets the Eye guidebook, The ultimate Transformer guidebook information and consultation, as well as character data and storylines data from Taiya001’s page.

Transformers: The Calm before the Storm
Here is my own story take on :icontaiya001: ‘s Transformer story, based on her storyline that intertwined both the G1 universe and the Movie Universe, so please do read up on her story before reading mine and then review it. I spent several weeks on the story design and the character writing, putting in a lot of effort to create my side of the story. I have a character named Victor Keys inside, which will be focused heavily in this story, as well as his rivalry with McAlister, Sector 7, Autobots and his relationship with Zoe, his love interest.

McAlister's Profile:[link]
Zoe's Profile: [link]

Constuctive comments and ideas appreciated. More to come on them if I have time to write and type them out in future...please do tell me if there is anything missing or unfinished, because I would not like to offend anyone and invite flamers. Thank you for the support and help in advance. I have also added my Transformer OCs and my FSOF forces in there, so I hope Taiya001 would incorporate them into her story and give them a role to play.

Below is a detailed explanation of the various Sections in the story named TF: The Calm before the Storm. Spoilers galore, so be warned. :police: :police: Unless you have read :icontaiya001: 's Transformer fanfiction story, then you would not have any idea on my fanfiction in her TF-Fanfiction universe. :police: :police:

Prologue: Some intelligent Conversations
Takes place during the Stipulations chapter: [link] Key's talk with Whitemore, and a glimpse of his plans in the story.

Section 0: Problematic Tribulations
McAlister's fury with the current failure of the Stormbringer Project, and the relevation of how many Allspark-infected hardware has been retrieved from Mission City.

Section 1: The Next Step
Autobots new HQ Autobot City, and the discussion of their plans to save Earth.

Section 2: Trying to fit into Life (on earth)
Autobots trying to fit into Life on Eath, what are the consequences? (Hilarious moments)

Section 3: The Search for Maggie and Glen
Maggie and Glen were missing, and Mark McAlister needs them. Thus, race against time to get the hackers before Sector 7 gets them. Jazz meets Fanzone, and discovers something important. The two hacker's fate were revealed in this section.

Section 4: First Special Operations Forces (F.S.O.F.)
Intro to Victor Keys's crack team, and the formation of it. Keys's plan was revealed, and he has the ideal people to get the job done. Meanwhile in space, the FSOF teams readied themselves for deployment in their Mobile Suites and Command Ships.

Section 5: In the Lion’s Lair
McAlister's evil plan is detailed in this section, and Sector 7's troops were deployed to capture the Allspark. News report from around the world were seen, and Keys created a new form of anti-transformer counter-measure to the human military.

Section 6: Human and Bots
Key's talk with Ratchet and Perceptor, and sebsequent meeting with Optimus Prime. The talk between the human and the Autobot begins.

Section 7: The Righteous Justice
Introduction to the crew of the Righteous Justice, and the eventual message from Optimus prime to reinforce Earth.

Section 8: The Imperative Meeting
The arrival of Autobot reinforcements on Earth. A later appearance of the rest of the humans for a meeting at the ark with the Autobots to discuss the Allspark and some other important matters.

Section 9: A Situation Report (Sit-rep) and A Past Encounter
Victor Keys's thoughts of the current happenings on Earth, and his predictions of the escalation in future.

Section 10: The Halls of Power: A conversation that never happened
United Earth Federation (UEF)'s echelons discussion on how to deal with the Transformers and unite the world with the World Peacekeeping Force (WPF)

Section 11: The Gathering Darkness
A secret meeting between McAlister, simmons, banachek and the highest ranking members of SECTION 56 (A ultra-secret sub-division organisation of Sector 7) to discuss how to capture the Allspark and use them to build an army of mindless drones to conquer the world.

Section 12: Seraphim Empire
Introduction to Seraphim Empire, and their relations with the Cybertronians and their interest in Earth.

Section 13: Quintessons
Quintessons discussing their notorious plans to conquer the universe and capture Earth for their own twisted purposes.

Epilogue: The Calm before the Storm
Victor and Zoe's little moment with themselves. With the oncoming storm included at the ending.

Mysterious Organisations were formed, Alliances were made; while secret plans as well as were set into motion. Humanity fractured, and new fractions rose from the ashes of the new world. Private Armies of the forces of good and evil were assembled and preparing for the inevitable war. Megatron preparing for a full scale assault, Autobots armed with the Mindlocker devices, McAlister wanting to capture a Transformer to build an army of drones, UEF planning to unite the world through a show of its force. The Seraphim Empire waiting for the emergency signal from Earth, Quintessons deploying for a full scale invasion of Earth, with Cybertronians of both fractions, Autobots and Decepticons, posed to strike for the Allspark, this is truly, the Calm before the Storm.


There are still more interviews and character profiles coming on, but as I am still working on them, they will take quite some time before they are finished. I will be uploading more in the near future, after finishing my assignments and projects.

MCALISTERS by :icontaiya001:
WHITEMORE by Universal Studios

Part 5 and 6 coming soon.
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nice mention on taiya and her bro..and impressive bot roster,you should include ultra magnus at some point,and maybe the 3 autobot bros from Robots in Disguise
victortky Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
yeah, reinforcements from Cybertron are coming, those bots you mentioned would be included later in the story should extra additional reinforcements arrive.

I have also added three of my own transformers inside, as well as omega supreme and metroplex.
Sketchfan Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
indeed,and coolio,look forward to that,there are some bots from that series who'd be great additions..though things'll be chaotic when the cons in taiya's fic arrive from far I know,they're coming on astrotrain and include; blitzwing,lugnut,the other combaticons(swindle,onslaught,vortex and blast-off),maybe the insecticons and cyclonus and who knws who else?

nice touch there and guess is metroplex will adapt and bond himself to autobot city like he is in G1?I can expect him to son tangle with Trypticon
victortky Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
indeed, the heavy hitters of the Autobots have arrived to reinforce earth.

there will be a full scale war soon, with the humans in the mix.

I am planning to have that. Trypticon? that would be awesome.
Sketchfan Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
that they have..

and it'llbe cybertron all over again..with fatcions and all...

coolio idea there and yup,thanx,glad you think so..l;ike I sadi,at the time of the war,he's a rumour to the bots,but the cons had him built in he's complete and ready for havoc
victortky Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
to reinforce earth and provide additional muscle for the Autobots.

fractions, humanity and cybertronians divided.

indeed, that would be awesome to write out.
Sketchfan Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
and such a thing is why the cons make moves to bring in their own muscle

sector 7,WFP,bots and cons(inner turmoil with groups like pretenders and combined with the human factions of both,allies and PETS)..

yeah,that it would...megs' receives a transmission from shockblast informing him that IT is complete..and megs gladly has it sent through a spacebridge..where the bots and military investigate the mysterious arrival in egypt of a cybertronian city...stephen,placed as mole in lennox's unit by megs,examines and ifnds the con symbol on it..he reports to megs,who's pleased with the news,and informs him to find safe ground and enjoy the trypticon shall awaken...
victortky Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2009
indeed, and we have epic war on a epic scale.

yes, all the fractions assembled and posed to strike.

very interesting. should write it out.
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victortky Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
Nortstar Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
that is really very awsome
victortky Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
thanks. I am glad you like it
Nortstar Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
you welcome ^^
Juskan Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
victortky Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
secrets were revealed.
Juskan Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
Yep XD
victortky Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
yup indeed.
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